Saturday, 3 September 2011

End of the old, and a new beginning...

The summer holiday is winding up, and I am going back to university early this next week.
I am very pleased about this; I am always bored during the summer because I enjoy university too much and never have anything to do during the summer. I love a proper project, and without one I get very bored! So, I have subconsciously made my Filofaxes etc my project over the summer!
I have spent many hours every day on the internet, reading blogs, looking at pictures on flikr, searching ebay, in an effort to find my perfect 'system'. A couple of months ago Getting Things Done/Time Management systems in Filofaxes was a huge topic in the Philofaxy community, which got me thinking about my own system. Finally, as the summer winds up, I think I have got my systems sorted. This is perfect timing, as I wanted to get properly organised before uni started, so that I could have a good start to my MA, and because I won't have the time during university.
Over the next week, I will test my systems, and then post about them.

Hope you have a nice rest of the summer!!

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  1. Hi Kate,

    It would be great if you could mirror your forthcoming post on the Yahoo group - things have been fairly moribund there!

    Well spotted on the BBC Filofax, but I really don't think it's an Amazona. I have a Dundee (crocodile print, 1990s) and an Amazona (current), but that binder is something different again.

    Good luck with the perpetual studies!

    Kind regards, Gerard