Monday, 29 August 2011

Filofax spot!!

On the BBC's drama Page Eight last night I spotted a Filofax, an A5 brown Amazona! It looked particularly elegant and sophisticated and made me really want one!

It was quite difficult to get a picture of it, but here's what I took from my screen shot:

Please watch it on the iplayer if you want to see it a bit better. It's only on the screen for about 5 seconds, so keep your eyes open!


  1. (AKA MyriadPens on YouTube)

    I always get so excited when I see a Filofax on TV. I watched The Rebound a few weeks ago and kept rewatching the scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones' character flips through her Filofax :)

  2. I watched it, but must have been looking at my laptop when that was on the screen!