Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Amazing Filofax offer!

An amazing offer is going on on the Filofax Germany website right now, basically lots of Filofaxes are available for only 9 Euros!! Please click on the following link to read the Philofaxy post about it, which gives some more information about why this offer is taking place

I just bought a pale blue personal Topaz and an Rose A5 Finchley for only 18 Euros together, plus 4.50 euros postage!

Here are a couple of things you should look out for:
Everything is obviously in German, so try to use the automatic translation feature through Google Chrome if you can't read German. 
For some reason, when I tried to check out on the Filofax Germany website, it wouldn't accept my existing account login, so I had to make a new one. 
When I put my UK address, it said the postcode had to be only numbers. This is because when you choose the UK option for country, it doesn't automatically change the postcode box to accept postcodes with letters in. The way some people have got around this, including me, is to just put the number 0 in instead of an actual postcode. As long as you put the rest of your address, you should be fine.


  1. haha i think i have to change my blog in "the A5 rose TRIPLETS"

    i had this problem with the another-country-Filofax-site too. I ordered my personal Domino in the uk, and it seems that though they don´t use the costumer-accounts together, they share the email addresses. cause they told me "this email address is already registered on another filofax site"
    so now i have to use 2 email addresses for my filofax orders.

  2. I have ordered the Rose Finchley and the Topaz!!!! :-) YAY