Saturday, 24 September 2011

My gorgeous new A5 Red Amazona! Part 1

I'm so happy to have the internet back, so I can blog again, and what's better than to start by telling you all about the latest addition to my Filofax collection!

Well, I don't want to moan too much, as I've already expressed my disappointment with the debacle that was the German 9 Euro sale, but my heart broke a little bit when I found out I wouldn't be receiving my A5 Rose Finchley :( I had intended it to use it as my uni filo, and so (although I could use my A5 red Domino), I kind of still wanted a new Filofax to use for that purpose.
Then I saw the BBC programme Page Eight, in which one of the characters has a Filofax on her desk, which I think was a brown A5 Amazona. It was gorgeous, sophisticated and sumptuous! If a luxury chocolate company could design a Filofax for their Managing Director, this would be it :) In fact, the shiny brown mockadile pattern kind of looks like chocolate, and I want to eat it! I loved it so much, I searched all of the websites I know to see if there was one, or something similar, for sale. Unfortunately, there wasn't... yet!

I have always loved the Amazona Filofax range, ever since I saw Imy's video about her personal black Amazona, I have thought it was a gorgeous Filofax! I saw them on Amazon (haha!) and ebay a few times, and a couple of times I came close to buying one. If I had bought one, it would have been the personal in red. But... something was holding me back. Until I went to London, I had never seen an Amazona in person, and I wanted to see one before I spent loads of money on one. So when I went to London, I made sure to check it out in the Conduit Street Filofax shop. It was in the sale section because Filofax are discontinuing it (which means it was relatively cheap :) But when I got my hands on it... the crocodile print leather felt plasticky. So I put my desire for the Amazona on hold. But then I moved over to the main shelves, I saw the Osterley, Filofax's next crocodile print range, and was captivated. But the price tag leaves a lot to be desired...

Anyway, I guess my disappointment with the leather was overcome by how gorgeous the one on Page Eight looked :)
So, in my regular checking of ebay for Filofax deals, I found an A5 Amazona in Red! It ticked so many boxes-

  • It was red (I'm much more of a pinky-red girl than any of the other colours in the range)
  • It's A5, the perfect size for my uni planning
  • It's an Amazona!!!
  • It had a buy-it-now option on the ebay auction, which I prefer to a bidding war!
When I saw it on the ebay app on my phone, I thought it would be very popular, and the bidding would start very soon. I think the auction was started at about £25, but as yet no-one had bid on it, and there was a buy-it-now price of £70. As I always do (except with things that are ending very soon), I decided to sleep on it- although I was risking the bidding war starting (after which the buy-it-now option would disappear). The next day I went to the library- real internet on proper computers, woohoo!!!- and it was still there, and no-one had bid on it!! :) I looked at the pictures again, because they didn't come out well on my phone screen, but on the big 19 inch (at least) computer screen, they looked gorgeous! I ummed and erred for a few minutes, tried to put my mind on something else, but I kept on coming back to the ebay page. I was looking at the £70 buy-it-now button, my finger determined to press the button on the mouse... But something in my stomach still didn't feel right. Normally I don't let myself buy things that I don't want 100%... and for some reason my instinct was holding me back. Maybe it was the fact that it was £70 that I don't really have, and I didn't really NEED it... BUT my heart won over my head! I clicked through all of the buttons to buy it now, without actually BUYING it yet... and then I decided to just GO FOR IT! So I clicked confirm, and it was MINE!!
What was exciting was that it was next-day delivery! So I wouldn't have to wait long for it to arrive!
A little while later, I received an email from the seller, saying that she would dispatch it the next day! I always like getting communications from ebay sellers when they don't have to, it just makes it seem much more personal and reassures you :)

So I waited for it to arrive... and you will have to wait until tomorrow for part 2 of this post, because it is already too long, and I want to take some photos of my gorgeous new filo in the daylight, to properly do it justice! So come back on Sunday :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I really want a red Filofax, so I can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Oops! Sunday has gone by so fast and I haven't finished Part 2! I promise I will post it tomorrow :) but bed time for me now!

  3. congratulations for your new filofax! i love the big texture of the amazona. how does it feel??

    although my substitute for the "missed" A5 finsburry is just an a5 ikon, i truly understand how happy you are with the new filo, after such a dissapointment ;)

    looking forward to part 2

  4. Excellent post! Really looking forward to reading your post tomorrow on time management. I'm still trying to figure out a way to organise my filofax that works for organising my dissertation and other uni work :)