Sunday, 30 September 2012

365/30 Lists: October


For those of you who want to be involved with the 365/30 Lists for Philofaxers, but aren't on facebook, here is the List of Lists for October, by the wonderful and lovely Imy!!

1 goals for the month 
2 who would you want to be stuck in a lift with ? 
3 favourite Filofaxes 
4 five most craved Filofaxes
5 what would you take on a desert island 
6 perfect music playlist 
7 Halloween party ideas
8 films to see
9 fancy dress ideas 
10 favourite films 
11 places to visit this month 
12 celebrities you would like to meet 
13 favourite pens/pencils 
14 Beauty products I need to try/buy 
15 best stationery websites 
16 what I was doing when I was 16
17 what is in your happy place
18 favourite quotes/sayings 
19 today was amazing because....
20 favourite characters from films 
21 foods to try 
22 colours of rainbow in order of most favourite to least 
23 sports you want to try 
24 ideal jobs 
25 accessories I wish I owned 
26 pets you would like 
27 languages you would like to learn 
28 5 things to do in November 
29 how do you have your drink in Starbucks/costa etc...
30 dream cars....
31 review of month 

If you are on facebook and haven't joined the group yet, please join! Here is the group.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or email me :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm back!! And an update :)

Hello everyone!!

This is my first proper post back after I finished my dissertation last week (feels like longer ago!). So expect lots of posts from me from now on!

This post is just going to be a load of waffle really :)

As I said, I am going to post a lot more from now on :) I am going to set up either a specific blog-planning filofax, or maybe just a section in my A5 filo- I have to decide. Could you guys please help me by voting in the poll in the side bar? Thanks! So the options are: 1) a section in my A5 purple Malden filofax; or 2) A specific blog filofax in one of my personal-sized filos!
I will spend a little while setting it up once I decide, but I know that it will have lots of notepaper (I have tonnes in my collection!), and a diary of some sort- maybe just a month on 2 pages printed from Steve and Ray's fabulous inserts!
I promise my forthcoming posts will include lots of pictures, because I know people get bored by too much text!

As I speak, lots of lucky Philofaxers are meeting-up in London for the Philofaxy meet-up! Lucky duckies! I wish I were there, but I'm hoping to go to the one in November!

Courtesy of Tracy/Icclewu

Currently I am using my lovely new purple personal Malden as my main filofax!

I got her a couple of weeks ago, and I really like her, but she's actually really easy to scratch (I have sharp nails) and she dents really easily :( Normally I'm very panicky about damaging my filos, but I am trying to be less sensitive about this one. I figure that if I use my filos on a daily basis, they are going to get damaged eventually, so I should be prepared for it! Also- and this may sound weird- but as you can see from the photo, and the comparison with her big sister A5 purple Malden below, the leather of my personal is very VERY smooth, and I don't think it has much character to the leather. I think that the scratches (little ones, not big ones please!) and marks bring some life to it! It shows that it is well-loved and well-used!

The 2 sisters :)

I am currently making some pretty filofax dividers out of some scrapbooking paper I get from a craft shop here in Liverpool called Rennies. They are taken from pads of scrapbooking paper/card that come in lots of about 50 sheets, that cost quite a lot! But by splitting them up, I can buy only the ones I like at about 60p each! I love the Cath Kidston-esque type of patterns.
Here's some of the card I am about to turn into dividers- some of them are double-sided too!!

Another one that I have already chopped up into the individual squares/rectangles. I love these ones, they look like book plates. I am going to stick them onto filo dividers :)

Here's a divider I made earlier! It is for my 365/30 filo lists section of my A5 purple Malden! (Sorry about the sidewaysness!)

Next Friday I am moving back home, so these next few days will be spent sorting through my stuff and packing. Boring. The good part of this is that I get to have a rummage through my filofax and stationary stuff!! :D

So that's an update for you! I'll be back soon with lots of posts I have been meaning to do for a while!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. For me writing this post, it is in the new blogger format which I don't really know how to use, so I hope it looks OK as a published post!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Retail Recommendations and Product Review: Dodo Pad!!

Hi everyone!

Today I made a video reviewing the 2013 Dodo Pad insert for Personal-sized Filofaxes! So this video is a product review, and a review of the fantastic Dodo Pad company!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

AWOL... but I will be back!!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I have been away for the past few weeks, I have been writing my dissertation!! I will be FINISHED next Friday, so you can expect lots of new posts after that (and after I have had lots of sleep!!).

I am especially sorry I haven't been able to do any posts for my student followers in preparation for the new school/uni year, as is one of my aims in writing this blog. So if anyone has any requests for a blog post that I can write to give advice etc for students, please leave a comment to this post!!

Also expect lots of blog posts about my filofaxes, stationery etc, with lots of pictures!!

See you soon!!