Sunday, 30 June 2013

365/30 July list :)

Hi!! Here's the 365/30 list for July by Ingvill-Susann!!

1. Goal for this month?
2. Which goals did you accomplish for the previous month?
3. What are your long term goals for the next six months?
4. Best summer memories ever?
5. What were the #1 hits of the month (your birth month) in the year you was born?
6. Favorite things to do on a lazy sunny day?
7. Do you have a favorite poem or quote? Write it here!
8. If your life was a movie – who would play the roles of your closest family members (passed away or living)?
9. What would be the title of the movie?
10. 3 people you'd like to be stuck in a lift/elevator with?
11. Do you have a seasonal “dress-up” for your Filofax? Changing the dividers and such?
12. Favorite magazines to read this month?
13. Design YOUR perfect Filofax!
14. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life… What would it be?
15. Name 3 things you believe in.
16. Today was prefect/crap because….?
17. Who were your childhood heroes?
18. Did something special happen on your way to work, school?
19. Name 3 things you absolutely can’t live without?
20. Breakfast today was….?
21. 3 favorite items of clothing?
22. Best way to spend your summer holidays
23. Favorite dishes/recipes
24. What freaks you out?
25. What should it be less of in this world?
26. What should it be more of in this world?
27. Today’s weather was? And the temperature was?
28. Favorite movies?
29. Favorite books to read?
30. Favorite night snacks?
31. Review of this month?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hi guys!!

I'm doing a giveaway on my youtube channel!!

Follow the link below to get to the video where I give you all of the instructions and show you the goodies you will get if you win!!

Gooooood luck!!!!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

What's in my Filofax June 2013 :)

Today I made a video to show you 'What's in my Filofax' in June 2013 :)

It's a little bit different to my other 'What's in my filo' videos- in the past, these videos have been on my planner (day-to-day lists, diary, to-dos etc), but now I'm not using a Filofax as a planner; instead, I'm using my Midori Traveler's Notebook as my planner- see my new Midori video here! I am still using my filofaxes, but for different things, for example, my A5 Ochre Malden is my Egyptology research filo and my yellow Original A5 is my hieroglyphs and Egyptian language filo, but the Filofax I show in my video today is the only one I use on a daily basis- it's like my brain :)

This is my 'notebook' Filofax- but it's hard to explain, this filo is more than a 'notebook'. It does have a basic notebook section, but also specific sections for notes for projects; notes and lists for hobbies which I actively do throughout the week; and a 'storage' section for the lists and notes for lots of random things and hobbies which I don't need all the time. I'm also playing with keeping a DodoPad diary in here for planning out what I need to do in my projects and hobbies throughout the week!
I asked people on facebook what I could call it and some great suggestions included 'Genius Book', 'HQ' and 'Companion Book', but my favourite I think is 'Command Central', suggested by Lori, which is great because I can shorten it to CeeCee!!

Enjoy!! xx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Kawaii stationery and stickers ordering- Artbox and RikyandNina!!

Hi guys!!

I've had a bit of a frustrating evening, so I decided to cheer myself up by buying some things that I have been wanting for MONTHS but didn't feel like I could splurge on yet! Well, it was payday yesterday, and I have been saving up (i.e. not spending) lately, so I thought I deserved it :)
I bought things from Artbox and RikyandNina on Etsy :) I have never bought anything from either of these online before, although I've shopped in Artbox in London which was AMAZING, and I've heard very good things from RikyandNina, and they are based in Plymouth, which I'm excited about!!

Here's what I ordered :)


Hello Kitty stamp
Hello Kitty Stamp: HK
This is a really cute stamp, which is self-inking- so no mess!!

Rilakkuma Deco Tape
San-X Tape: Forest RilakkumaSan-X Tape: Picnic Rilakkuma
Forest Rilakkuma and Picnic Rilakkuma
This is great tape, more plasticky than washi tape but really cute, and it's 25m long so I think it's excellent value for £1.60 per roll!

Korean diary deco stickers
Stickerworld Stickers: Diary Deco Sticker
I saw these in London but didn't look too closely at them so I didn't buy them, but now I see them in so many videos I really regret not buying them!

Fairy tale stickers :)

Stickerworld Stickers: Alice Wonderland StoryStickerworld Stickers: Cinderellas Story

Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland! I also ordered Snow White but I can't find it on the website now, so I guess I bought the last pack!
I really love fairy tales at the moment as I'm watching Once Upon a Time, and these are so cute!!

Hello Kitty monkey sticky notes :)

Hello Kitty Sticky Notes: Monkey KT

I love this so much, there is also a blue panda version but I prefer the monkey. I think they are a bit expensive for what they are, just 50 sheets, but it's so cute... although I probably won't use many of them! I remember when there were other shapes, I wish I had bought them when they were in stock just for my collection!

RikyandNina on Etsy:

I filled my basket here and slowly emptied out the things I really shouldn't buy, because I didn't want my totals for Artbox and Etsy to exceed £30- so I only bought 2 things from here!

Cat stamps!
SSBA Cute CATS mini cartoon diary stamps set
I love cats, and I actually prefer stamps to stickers as they will never run out!

Study girl Korean diary stickers

Study Girl cartoon seasons scrapbooking diary stickers

I love these as I'm a geek, and I'm always carrying a book!! :D

Voila!! I'll do a blog post or video as soon as my orders come in :D