Sunday, 11 September 2011

All Stars Blog Tour: Guest Post by the fantabulous Imy!!!

Hi everyone!
Today I am very pleased to present to you the very first guest post on this blog, written by the wonderful Imy of Imysworld! She's a lovely girl, and adores all things pretty and cute! She is famous in the Philofaxy world for her fantastic youtube videos, which I urge you to check out! She love love loves filofaxes, and with a much more creative brain than me, she manages to customise them brilliantly to make them look beautiful! I really want to make my own filofaxes much cuter and more 'me', so slightly selfishly I asked her to do a guest post on my blog about how she customises her filofaxes!

For Philofaxy All Stars, Kate requested I do a How to Customise your Filofax post! And as I love to customise my Filofax I jumped at the chance!
    As you all know I always have lots of ideas of customising my  beauties but I NEVER get around to doing most of them!
    One of my first and favorite things to do is customise the Ruler/Today marker, as it is always so boring, I always try and order a second one, usually a clear one!
    Then I always visit my favorite online shop, Modes4u! (well I have not visited it in AGES as I have had no money) but I love to go on there and look at all the Deco tapes!
    As you do not want to have your ruler with lots of bumpy things on it I like to just use tape, as its smooth and it looks pretty and its very simple to use, depending on the width, I either use a two strips of thin and line it up so it looks seemless or I use one thicker. I like to have a different pattern on both sides of the ruler so it doesn’t look too boring and plain.
    Here is a video about me customising my ruler, as it shows it best!

After I have done my ruler I like to start to create some dividers, but this is the one thing I’ve struggled with recently, I’ve been looking everywhere to get some REALLY pretty card, but it seems to be non-existent where I live!
    So if anyone knows any amazing online shops that sell the perfect pretty card for dividers let me know!!
     Well at the moment I have used some Wilkinsons card that was covered in glitter.

Anyway, DIVIDERS ARE SO EASY TO MAKE!!!! Click here to see my blog post on how to do it!
    But the only thing I will say is, it works so much better if you use a craft knife, metal ruler and board to make sure you don’t mark your table, which is easy to do (and if your under 16 get your PARENTS to do it, I’m 21 and still got my parents to do it) hehe
    You can also just personalize your dividers which come with the Filofax, watch this video I made to see how I did it!

You can also find some really pretty note paper and hole punch it so you don’t have to have plain paper and can have something really cute and girly!
    The possibility of customising your Filofax has no end you can do anything you want!

Hope you have enjoyed my guest post!

 Thanks so much Imy!

 Be sure to look out for my 'What's in my bag' guest post on Imy's blog soon!

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  1. I love Imy's Filofaxes. I'm jealous! Mine are more of a work in progress, and I mostly use stickers :) Thanks for the tips.