Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Filofax Disappointment!

Well, after a week of looking forward to getting my new Rose Finchley A5 and personal blue Topaz as part of Filofax Germany's €9 sale my whole order has been rejected! this has been a discussion point on Philofaxy's FFAT; a number of people's orders have been refunded, mostly in part, but I have lost the whole thing! It seems some filos, particularly the Rose Finchley, was over-ordered! I was soooo looking forward to receiving and using my beautiful new Filos! I already had purposes for them: my new A5 would be my MA dissertation binder and my Topaz would be my French/German vocab Filofax. So I am VERY annoyed and disappointed in Filofax for not being able to fulfil my order, and not even properly telling me- only a 'refunded money' email; no explanation. This certainly surprised me, giving Filofax's reputed excellent customer service! I am really gutted I'm not going to get my new Filos, especially my Finchley, which I was so looking forward to using!


  1. Malden half price... http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2011/09/crimson-malden-last-chance.html

  2. oh, how disappointing for you. I'm sad on your behalf. Too bad that they couldn't keep on top of things and have not allowed the extra orders to go through - and take your money!!

  3. :/ i know exactly what you mean! my best friend and me both ordered the a5 rose finchley. didn´t get it....

    it should become her first filofax and i was sooo glad, to have somebody so close to me, also infected with the filofaxia (or so ^^)
    we had sooo many ideas for them. and now.... nothing.

    of course technic isn´t perfect (that´s why we count on our filofax paper) and it´s always possible that there´s a mistake, expecially when there´s such a rush on the products.
    but i totally agree with you, that the way the "told" us about this... it´s not ok.

    i hug you. hope it helps :/

  4. I ordered the Topaz and Finchley as well, Ive got the Topaz but no Finchley!!!

    Whats going on with Filofax recently :-(

    I do feel their general customer sercie is going DOWN hill xxxxx