Thursday, 21 April 2011

Unexpected love...

When I bought my A5 Domino it was because I had this desire to fill a filofax full of important information, planners and fact sheets for my course/future career in Egyptology. I had asked my mum for an A5 Kendal, but as a graduation present so I wouldn't be receiving it until June or July. I had read that the Domino was a good A5 filofax because it was much lighter than leather filofaxes, so I thought it would be good because it would be easier to carry around campus, and also I could use it between then and when I receive my A5 Kendal. But I seriously didn't think I would like it that much. I really love leather filofaxes, and wouldn't consider buying a non-leather personal filofax unless I had to use it for a messy job like travelling etc; also I didn't like the colour of the material on the inside covers. But when I received it I realised how great it is!
It's really quite an impressive little filofax! HUGE rings, only the Finsbury and now the Malden rival it. The elastic closure is quite useful for holding down papers while on the move, although I haven't used it for this yet. And it can take a knock, and is easily cleanable if it gets something messy on it.
Ok, so it isn't the most glamorous of things, but I don't want anything too serious and professional because I am still young (21, almost 22) and I don't want to grow up yet! I already have a glamorous filofax, my pocket Malden, and I wouldn't want to get a beautiful leather one damaged, as I imagine it could shoved in the bottom of my backpack. So the Domino is perfect :)
To be honest, I haven't used it much. I've been to busy to really use it as a planner or put any important information or fact sheets in it. But yesterday I received my new Dodo Pad A5 refill, and I'm trying it out, so the Domino gets a good try out too!
A normal-looking Domino you say? Well, it's what's inside that counts... :)

In the envelope inside I have a lovely card from my mum and a Pink Lady sticker from an apple I ate yesterday :) (If you've seen my room or wardrobe, you'll know how much I love pink!)
I haven't put anything in the pockets yet, but when I take this to uni I'll put my student card etc in it, and when I go home in the summer I'll take photos of my dog and cat and put one in the photo card slot :)
This week from my new dodo pad diary :) I only got it yesterday, so I haven't filled in Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I usually fill my diary in the night before, so I don't really know what I'm doing tomorrow yet until I finish all my work today.
I use a cute little arrow paper clip as a page marker. I think the filofax ruler page markers are annoying and get in the way. I'll use this paper clip to clip a copy of my timetable on an index card to once I start having lectures again. I'll do a new one each week just in case something changes. I don't need a proper copy of my timetable because I memorise it pretty quickly, but I do like to have a columned-appointments diary page to view next to my list of jobs/tasks etc. The main reason is because I can then see the gaps in between lectures/meetings/shifts, and therefore I can work out how much time I can spend in the library researching, or if I have time for lunch (which I usually don't). I need a changeable one, i.e. one that I can add to, rather than a timetable of fixed recurring events which lasts a whole term, because I often have extra shifts at work or meeting/appointments to add. I couldn't afford a whole square on the grid on the right to this; instead, if I have something extra to add, I will just write "meeting" which will remind me to look at the timetable on the left!
I'll do a review of the dodo pad another time, because I need to use it more and I also think this post is too long already!

Then I have my time-planners. These are 1 day to 2 pages refills I made on Word and printed out, which is easy-peasy because they are A5- just chop A4 paper in half! It's also really easy to print double-sided, something I don't know how to do with personal pages.
On the left, if I have any appointments I write them on there so I don't forget them when I'm in the library bogged down with books. Then I write to-dos, e.g. "print essay" etc.
On the right I put down the instructions for work I have to do that day- e.g. "Read X's book. Make notes and make list of references to chase up. Then compare to X's article"
At the bottom I record what I've done so that I know how far I've progressed, and also feel a sense of accomplishment :)
Here is an example :)
I haven't really filled up the rest of the filo, but this is the sort of thing I want to fill it with, things I would otherwise forget but need to refer to. This is a project I intend to do over the summer. And for you, some of my research techniques for free!
I store my old time planners and notes for previous projects in here too, but will probably move them out when it becomes too full. I put personal and pocket sized pages in here too :)
I don't use the address alphabet tabs for addresses, but I will use it for a glossary of Egyptology-related things: information about sites, historical events, Pharaohs and other important ancient Egyptians, information about excavators, also reviews and summaries of books :) I like making use of these alphabet tabs, seeing as how I don't have enough addresses to fill them! I'm going to use the tabs in my pocket to put my French and German vocabulary notes in order :) I think that is quite a good idea, if I do say so myself!
I put a Staples A5 top-bound notepad in here :) I refuse to pay filofax prices! It cost £1.80 for a pack of 2, it fits almost perfectly in the notepad slot and you get twice as many pages! I've started punching holes on the pages with my little single hole-punch (also refuse to pay £30 for a filofax punch!)
 Quite thick already even though I've not really put anything in it! Oh dear, I might need another one, maybe Ultra Violet this time?!

In conclusion, I love my little Domino! I think I may even change my mind on buying the A5 Malden! It's fun, kooky, it doesn't take itself too seriously, light-weight, and I'm not afraid on getting it a bit messy!
But I'm not sure how often I will be able to take it to uni, I often have lots of books to take and quite honestly, my personal Kendal is much more portable. But on days when I don't have many books, Rufus (my Domino's name!) will accompany me :)


  1. Looking forward to the review of the Dodo Pad :-)

  2. Hi Kathinka07, I just wrote my DodoPad review... sorry if you're disappointed!!