Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Can I wait...?

I might be going to London with my family this summer, so will DEFINITELY have to visit the filofax shop (or both... ;b) for a good look. I imagine my mum will be as bored as when I take her around Egyptology museums! But I will be in my element, running around like a little kid in a sweet shop, naming all the filofaxes "Oh look, there's a Finchley, isn't it pretty?! Ooh, a Cuban Zipped, yumm! *Strokes the filofax, knocks the display case over*"
I would like a nice A5 filo, a reeeallly nice one!! I have an A5 Domino in red, but it just not luxury... I've ummed and erred during the past 2 days deciding what to ask for for my birthday... a Finchley? well which colour, red or purple? A cuban? but it doesn't open flat! A chameleon? will I like the pattern?
Finally I think I've settled on a Malden A5! But learning from my past mistake, I will definitely have to see it in person before I ask my mum to buy it, hence the visit to Conduit St!
I like it because a) it lays flat :), b) I know the leather is gorgeous, c) I like the clasp, d) I like the zip pocket on the front, e) thanks to Steve, 30mm rings!!!
and I know I've forgotten a reason, but I think 5 is enough to justify it!
But deciding between the vintage pink and the ochre... hmm... that will take some thinking! And a visit in person, maybe a couple of visits over the course of our city break :)
P.S. what is your opinion, is it better to bite the bullet, decide on the filofax you want then and there in the shop and go home with your new beloved filofax in your bag, but risk making a wrong decision because you haven't slept on it, or spending some time thinking about it, going home and ordering it online but walking out of the filofax shop empty handed?? Dilemma!

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  1. A Filofax is such an investment, if you have the opportunity to see one in person before you buy it you should. For example, I haven't seen the Vintage Pink Malden in person, but those who have say it's not the color it looks online. You could always mail it back of course, but I think it's better to avoid disappointment by seeing it in person first.

    Not only that, but when you can see and handle that many Filofaxes in person, you might be surprised that the Filofax you originally had in mind might not be the one you end up with!

    If you are still not sure after seeing them all in person, go home and sleep on it and either go back another day or order it online. It can be very overwhelming in the shop with all those Filofaxes tempting you!