Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My first post... just a load of waffle really!!

So this is my blog... let's see how long this lasts! Very bad timing, seeing as how I have to finish my dissertation in 3 weeks and I have an essay plus 3 exams before the end of May, but this blog will be a nice distraction from my work... or a bad distraction!!

My blog will mostly be about filofaxes because I am OBSESSED about them at the moment! Also I might throw in some stuff about my life as a student...

I currently have 4 filofaxes, and 2 more are on the way from ebay :)

  • My first is a raspberry personal Finsbury, her name is Violet and she's gorgeous, and holds my personal stuff, lists etc, plus my diary, but I will move that soon to another one- I'll talk more about that later
  • My second is my red A5 Domino, called Rufus. I plan my uni work in it, with instructions for each essay I have to write in it, progress lists and most importantly my timeplanners, which are custom day to 2 page diary sheets, undated with an appointments and to-dos on one side, and notes and a journal section on the other. It's really useful to plan in, but I've been too busy to do it by the time my essays are looming! But it should be extremely useful during my MA and PhD to keep on top of everything and plan :)
  • My third is my pocket crimson Malden, called Ruby, and she is absolutely beautiful and elegant, I can definitely see myself using this when I am older. I think if I ever move permanently to the pocket size for my everyday, on-the-move diary/notebook/list filofax this will be it :) So professional looking, but cute and gorgeous at the same time :) She holds my day planners, which are actually miniature versions of my time planners that I write in Rufus, but small so I can carry it around campus and use in the library when I have tonnes of books to carry. Actually, my time planners aren't on proper filofax paper, or even a structured table printed out onto paper, but blank pocket-sized paper I cut and punched from normal A4 paper!
  • My fourth is my caramel Finchley mini, she is for shopping lists and a reference diary so that when I go around town I can write anything down I need to without having to take my personal with me
My new ones should be coming from ebay in a few days. I bought 2 Kendal filos, 1 in personal and 1 in pocket in one transaction, they were being sold together. I've seen an A5 Kendal which I LOVED and now I've seen a pocket, but I haven't yet seen a personal, so I hope it's as great as I imagine! I think I might sell the pocket on, I think having 5 filos is enough! I might use the personal to put my whole year's (day to a page) diary in it, because I can't fit that in my Finsbury at the moment because it has other papers with lists etc on!
But the beauty of filofaxes is that they are completely flexible! I can adapt them as I want!

Soon I'll put pictures on flikr :)

Now, back to dissertation writing!


  1. O great collection. You really have to post pictures for us to admire.
    Are you working on your phd thesis right now? I am too. What field are you in? I guess mine is quite obvious.

  2. thanks! im still an undergrad unfortunately, in my 3rd year doing my dissertation at the moment, i study Egyptology :D im hoping to start my PhD next september and my PhD in january 2013- seems like a really long way off but it will come really quickly!!

  3. Hi
    Your blog posts don't appear to be showing up on Google, check the settings, in Settings, Basic, Search engine settings.


  4. Thanks Steve, but I've followed your instructions and I don't understand what I can do to change it because the Search Engine Settings are already on 'yes', and I can see it's still not showing up on google!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog TPS. I am an avid filofax lover like yourself so I am excited to find another blog about filofaxes! But I want to see pictures too :-)

  6. Thanks CaribbeanPrincess, I will get round to it once I've handed my dissertation, article review, and essay in and done my 3 exams! I'm sure you know how busy the life of a (perpetual) student is!!