Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Kendals arrived!!!


I bought them on Saturday, and they were dispatched late on Monday, and the estimated date of delivery was supposed to be within 5 to 7 days because they were sent by second class, but actually they arrived really quickly (and by first class!)

I bid on the ebay auction within the last 5 minutes and no-one else bid on them so I won and only had to pay the starting price!!

The package included-
Kendal pocket in brown, with to-dos, expenses, note paper, addresses, address tabs and normal tabs plus a top-opening envelope. No diary
Kendal personal in brown, with 2011 week to view diary, tabs, to-dos, expenses, website lists, note paper, addresses and address tabs!

And the package came with extras-
2 personal black rulers/page markers
2 pocket black rulers
Blue/grey alphabet (address) tabs for personal
Another personal week on 2 pages diary!
Another pocket top-opening envelope
2 packs of pocket white ruled notepaper, the value pack with 100 sheets in each
and miscellaneous inserts/refills for the personal- address tabs with little letters instead of capital letters; cotton cream addresses; cotton cream blank paper; cotton cream lined paper; cotton cream to-dos; and more tabs!!

What a great haul!
Now I've just got to figure out what I'm going to do with it all!

I'll give a review of the Kendal once I've used it for a while :)


  1. I'm sure you'll love your Kendal's, in my opinion the Kendal line is one of the best models they have.

  2. Did you get all those inserts as a bonus?

  3. they were included in the transaction, but I only bought it for the personal Kendal, so I count all of the rest as bonuses!!