Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bye bye Malden...

I couldn't keep silent for long!

I'm returning my crimson pocket Malden. I've just never fallen in love with her, and I'm not using her fully. I loved the Malden as soon as I saw it on the filofax website and when I was on a filo buying-binge I decided to buy the pocket, instead of the Amazona I had my eye on. I thought "It will be perfect, it will lay flat and be soft and supple and I can write uni work stuff in it and carry it everywhere because it's smaller than a personal!" Well I was right about it being soft and supple, the leather is gorgeous. But I was wrong about it laying flat- because it's a pocket size it's got the full-length wallet pocket on the back which creates a bump in the leather when open and tips to the left. And I made a mistake buying the pocket size, I should have splashed out £12 extra to buy the personal size which is so much more useful for my needs. And I'm the sort of person who needs to have 1 diary in 1 place and thinking I could use this as a more portable diary separate to my main one is a problem because I would spend ages transporting information between one and the other.
The main purpose of this filofax was to put my day planners in- that is, blank pocket-sized sheets with instructions/to-do lists of what research I have to do in the library on days when I am doing a lot of research for essays etc. Well why can't I put that in my personal? It was a good idea to carry a smaller filo with me to save on space and weight in my bag, but I find that I can't separate myself from my personal sized filo, it's my security blanket!
So she is going back to filofax, to go to a home where someone else will love her as she deserves!
I still love the Malden range, although I would love to see a personal in person before I splash out on the website again! I feel a visit to the London store(s) coming!
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I feel like (after buying 6 filofaxes) I am becoming more and more a 1-filofax girl... which is a problem seeing as how I have a collection now!!


  1. I tried to post this earlier but for some reason it didn't post...
    What I wanted to say was that I phoned filofax to ask if I could return it because I've lost part of the diary, but they said no because it's not in original (saleable) condition, so I guess my Malden is staying with me for a bit longer...

  2. I bet you can find a fellow Filofax enthusiast to either trade or buy your unwanted Malden. Send a note to Philofaxy and they can post a note on the site.

    I understand your comment about becoming a one Filofax girl. I have personal Malden in crimson that I love as my day to day central organizer. I sometimes wish I had bought the black, however. Regardless, for now I have several Filos because I cannot keep every project, idea, fact, detail, and event in my life (along with DH and 4 kids) in one planner. I assign purposes to my Filos, and that helps. Hang in there!