Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ultimate Organisation Project: Planning tools for this challenge!

Hi guys!

This is a quick update about my March Organisation Challenge! I aim to blitz my room by the end of March, so that it stops looking like this! I am making progress, but you don't get to see photos yet!

Today I am going to tell you about the tools I'm using to plan my Challenge. It's a fairly simple system:

1) My Plannerisms Planner

I'm using the fantastic month-grid of March for planning when to do certain areas of my room. I love how big the blocks are! I use the column on the left to write what the aim for each week will be, and on Sundays I write down the blog posts in this series (today's is late, woops!)
I haven't finished writing in the blocks for the rest of the month, I will do this as I go along.

Every day I transfer the task for that day into my planner. I don't write a long list of to-dos etc into my daily spaces in my planner, I just use the lists I have made in my A5 Malden!

2) My A5 Purple Malden

I'm in the process of setting this Filofax up as a binder for all of my lists, notes, etc etc that I don't need with me every day in my normal planner. Most importantly, it's the home for my projects. My bedroom organisation challenge is my main project for March, so I've set up its own temporary section in my filo, although I will be setting up a permanent section on my room (routines, where important things live, cleaning tips) when I've finished my challenge. Once I've done this big Spring-clean (which I guess my challenge boils down to!), my goal is to maintain the tidyness and cleanliness of my room every day, so I will have lists etc for that (maybe based on Flylady!)

So in the Challenge section of my filo, I have lists of tasks that need doing in my room for the organisational challenge, and to-dos that have needed doing for a while anyway, which I will get done this month!

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  1. Good luck, i'm considering doing something similar in my dining room which also stores all my books, filofaxes and stationary, the worst room in the house!! :-)