Saturday, 30 March 2013

April 365/30 Filo Lists!!

1) Goals for April
2) Goals for 2nd quarter of 2013
3) What Easter eggs/gifts did you receive?
4) What designer binders would you like?
5) Favourite main meals
6) Favourite things about Spring (or Autumn for sourthern-hemisphere people!)
7) Ways to prettify your Filofax/binder
8) Favourite Disney films
9) Best ways to spend a quiet night in
10) Favourite binders out of the new Filofax range so far, high to low
11) Favourite washi tape- stick in list!
12) Things you've been 'window shopping' for online
13) Favourite sights
14) Favourite sounds
15) Favourite flavours
16) Favourite smells
17) Ways to manage my time
18) Favourite cakes and desserts
19) Filofaxes you don't need and could sell!
20) Books I want to read soon
21) Favourite chocolate/candy
22) Inspiration/Ideas to redecorate your room
23) Favourite sticky notes/flags
24) Favourite colours
25) Perfect ways to spend a Sunday
26) Favourite fairy tales
27) Motivational phrases/mantras
28) Favourite Filofax accessories (that don't come in the standard fill)
29) Top 10 things to do in Summer
30) Review of the month

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