Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ultimate Organisation Project: Weeks 2 and 3!


This post is about the 2 weeks together, as I have had a very busy week and wasn't able to post about last week separately! On Thursday I had my telephone interview for my new uni course, with only a couple of days to prepare for it, on Wednesday we got our new cat (more on her soon!!), and I've been babysitting a lot this week, as well as volunteering at my local museum on Tuesday and Wednesday! :D

But I have tried to do a lot in my bedroom for my challenge weeks 2 and 3!

This is how my bedroom tidying routine is starting to form:
On Mondays I try to tidy my room thoroughly, because I think it makes a good start to the new week! This is something I started to do early this year, and I definitely will be continuing in the future. If I have had a lazy weekend, my room is a mess, so if I don't tidy on Monday, it will be a bombsite by the end of the week! Tuesdays and Wednesdays I volunteer in my museum, so I can't do much on those days, but then I just have to try to keep my room tidy the rest of the week, and use my free time to do some of my to-dos, even while I'm being lazy in front of the tv- such as sorting through my old uni homework!

During Week 2 I didn't do much, I was quite lazy! I did tidy my room on Monday, and I sorted lots of my craft (Filofax stuff, stationery, scrapbooking stuff!), but that's fun for me, so it kind of doesn't count ;b I also tidied my desk area, clearing the desk and the floor, which made the room look so much better, and I found some cool stuff I didn't realise was under there!!

During Week 3, I have done LOADS!!! It helped that on Tuesday we had a home visit by the cat sanctuary to make sure we were ok to adopt our new cat, so I spent lots of Monday tidying and sorting in my room! I organised my craft stuff again (fun for me!! :D) and spent the evening preparing my room for the home visit- I think it looked good! On Tuesday, the cat sanctuary people came around... and didn't even look in my room!!! Oh well, it was tidy, which is good! I didn't do much on Tuesday and Wednesday, because I was volunteering at the museum, babysitting and picking up our new cat! On Thursday I had planned to finish sorting, cleaning and organising my desk area, but I had to have the telephone interview for my new uni course. I thought it didn't go very well, so I felt very deflated and distracted all afternoon, so I felt like I couldn't do any tidying, and in the evening I played Sims, which is what I do when I feel like I have to get out of my own head and be distracted from my life. On Friday I felt better, so I made an effort to do my desk area, which is what I had planned to do on Thursday. I organised my desk, and I really like the way I have it set out now. I cleaned as much as I can, but I will need to do it again properly when I have sorted the folders I've got on the shelf above my desk. Then I moved on to my bookcase next to my desk, but I didn't manage to finish that because I had an impromptu babysitting evening! And today my mum came up to my room at about 4pm saying that we would sort out my paperwork, which I had piled up yesterday on my desk- I thought it would take 20 mins, but we went through more loads more than I had planned, including the perpetual pile of receipts etc on the floor by my chest of drawers, and my mum also made me sort out all the little bitty things (random stuff that I don't know what to do with!) that had been sitting by the side of my bed in shoe boxes for months! Suddenly, it was 6:30 and we had done loads!! Thank you mummy!!!

So I feel like I've made so much progress this week! And to celebrate, I'm going to film a video of my newly organised craft area, which I will show you tomorrow!! :D

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