Monday, 11 February 2013

Planner Paradox: Filofaxes- A bit of a moan on youtube!

Hi guys! 10 days since I last posted, woops!!

Today I made a youtube video. It's a bit ranty/moany (are those words? They look wrong!!), in which I'm waffling to the camera about my planner paradox!

Basically, I realised that my 'hobby' (*read: obsession) of Filofaxes and all things planner-related is taking up way too much of my time, instead of my planner doing what it should be doing, helping me to organise my time, and do things that I need to do! I can spend most of my day online, watching youtube videos, reading blog posts etc, thinking about the perfect planner, The Perfect System, instead of realising that I already have a system that is perfect for me, and using my Filofax to help me get on with my day and do the things I need to do!

Talking to people about this on facebook, it seems like a couple of other people do this too!
As Steve (Philofaxy King) said, send in the men with white coats! *joking*; but I think my video does seem a bit like a cry for help!
Maybe we should start a Filofax Counselling group? FA (Filofaxers Anonymous) anyone? My place, 30th February*, tea and biscuits at the ready? ;b

Anyway, here it is for your delectation:

*P.S. Check your Filofax...


  1. Are we allowed to bring our Filofaxes and accessories with us? ;-)

  2. That would be like taking a Baccardi to an AA meeting! :)

  3. Thank you! This is just what I needed. I just learned about filofax over the past week & have been over obsessing ever since! I feel as though I was in the dark ages, I mean how did I not know about them! Did not get anything done over the weekend... wondering which to buy (but pricey for this student). Planning ways to save money to splurge on a beauty. :) You saved me from getting too caught up & try to keep a level head.

    These pictures started it all...the colors really speak to me

    That being said... I am at a tug of war over the A5 & personal size! The tug is portability or refill custom convenience?! Originally A5 hands down because that is what I first laid my eyes on (not the best reason) but so back & forth now. I would love to hear your thoughts!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi! That site is great, the Filofax is beautiful!!
      For the A5 vs personal debate, it's really up to you and your needs. A5 is great, personally (haha!) I think the benefits of that size outweigh the disadvantages. But many people say that the weight and bulk are too much of a negative. If you won't be carrying it that much, or if you don't mind the weight, or don't carry much other stuff with you it should be fine! But if you already carry a lot of stuff, or suffer from aching shoulders etc, A5 wouldn't be so good. Personal sized filos are great for portability, but aren't so great for custom refills!
      On the raspberry Finsburys, that was the Filofax that started my obsession, too! I saw a picture of one, and went out and bought it the next day! But, be warned, the obsession starts from there! You might find yourself unable to stop buying more and more Filofaxes!! ;b The personal sized Finsburys don't lay flat, so just because of that I'd recommend the A5! I think the A5 is better overall, with the pocket layout etc, and the customisability of the inserts!
      But it's completely up to you :)

  4. A5 lays flat, then that is what I am getting! :) I have always felt so confined with bound planners never finding one that fits my needs & a way to corral all the stuff to use it. I also have a horrid habit of writing on various paper that I have closes at the moment! My envelope is busting with important little notes to self. Can't wait to create dividers for that chaos and punch holes in some & rewrite others. I am so excited at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for organizing myself! The day is coming with my planning locate-able, time management productively personalized, & beauty at every encounter! *Sigh*

    On Filofax USA it says that they are out of stock for the raspberry Finsbury! Hoping that it will be back soon.
    Thanks for the feed back! :)