Thursday, 14 February 2013

Filofaxes for Sale!


I've decided to sell some of my beautiful Filofaxes, ones which I haven't used recently, and need a good home!!
I'm unemployed at the moment, so I really need the money!

All prices exclude P+P. I'm open to buyers around the world, but postage will cost more!

If you would like to buy one, or would like more photos or details, please email me at bernasconiray at hotmail dot com! Thanks!

Personal Teal Finchley    SOLD

This Filofax is absolutely gorgeous! She is in excellent condition, and is very rare to buy now!

I am open to offers for this beauty, although I have a reserve in my head! 

Personal Chili Cuban Zipped

Only 2 words are needed for this filo: 30mm Rings!!! It's in good condition, but there are some dents (2 small on the front and 2 on the back) from the previous user.

I'm looking for £45 for this filo, plus p+p, or nearest offer.

Personal Navy Portland     SOLD

This is such a gorgeous Filofax, with amazing supple leather, and as it's vintage, it's very rare nowadays! This filo is in used condition- she was well-loved by the previous owner, with a dent on the back where she was lovingly held in someone's hand for years!

I am open to offers for this beautiful vintage filo!

Personal Red Butterfly   SOLD

Good condition, but with some damage to the clasp (before I bought it). Therefore it's going for a cheap price!

Just £10 plus p+p!

Pocket Brown Kendal     SOLD

Great condition! He lays perfectly flat, and has gorgeous soft leather! This little filo is getting rarer by the day on the web! 

I'm looking for £20 plus p+p, or nearest offer!

Pocket Pink Botanic    Going to a Philofaxer's little girl!

Excellent condition! A great little filo!

I'm looking for £10 plus p+p for her!

Mini Caramel Finchley     SOLD

And last but not least, is my 2nd ever Filofax! She's so cute and lovely! Excellent condition! Hard to find now, very rare!

I'm looking for £30 plus p+p, or nearest offer!


  1. Can i have the butterfly please?
    Could you put up a picture of the damage?

    1. Hi Alice, I'm afraid it's already gone! Sorry!

    2. Aw no, gutted, really wanted that one as well :(