Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mini-update, and plannerness...

Hi guys!

I've been quiet the past couple of weeks- my life has been crazy busy. I'm volunteering at my local museum now, which is amazing; and also my brother is ill at the moment, after having a (scheduled) operation last Friday, but since then he had to go to A+E twice this week in mini-emergencies. It's been stressful and jam packed full of medical things (clinics, pharmacies, nurses) every day, but hopefully he's on the mend.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick note to say that at the moment my planner-use is in flux. I have a new planner which I haven't shown you yet. It's A5, it's leather... but it's not a Filofax! I have named her 'Dora'- you will understand when I tell you about her! I will show you her soon!
I'm still in the process of setting up my new planner and customising it, and I can't wait to do a video for you, hopefully ready for next Thursday's post (depending on how busy I am this week).

I'm also thinking about an improved way I can use my Plannerisms planner. At the start of this year I told you about how I was using it. It was working great, and taught me how to forward-plan, in particular for my projects, hobbies and goals. But recently I have been neglecting it, in particular forgetting to check it regularly. As a result (or maybe because I have been so busy with important life things this week), I have been neglecting my projects and goals! I realised I need to adjust how I use it, by using it to plan out my projects more precisely. I'll do a post on that as soon as I'm happy with it!

Good night!! 

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