Friday, 1 February 2013

Online Petition: Filofax ring mechanisms

Hi guys!

If you have been reading Philofaxy's Free For All Friday or the Philofaxy Facebook group, you may have seen my (rather moany) complaint about Filofax's ring mechanisms:

I am sick of Filofax ring problems. I have a few with misalignments and mild paper snagging, in particular my personal Holborn in Wine, A5 Malden in purple, personal Amazona red, and latest my personal Osterley in plum. The rings on my Osterley weren't bad, until one day I opened and closed them to put some paper in, and I noticed 0.5mm gaps in some of the rings! It wasn't like this the night before!

Every time I see my misaligned rings, or hear other people talking about them, it completely knocks my confidence about my Filofaxes, and kills my trust in Filofax as a brand and the quality of their products. I take good care of my binders, but I am scared to use them. I think the problem with my plum Osterley happened because I dropped it (a couple of feet and on carpet), and the next time I opened the rings, they started gapping. I am also worried that if I buy one online (after they have supposedly gone through Filofax's 'Quality Control'(!), they are going to get damaged in the post, which is what has happened to at least 2 of mine, and countless belonging to other people.

All in all, I am scared to use and rely on my Filofaxes, at least away from my desk or coffee table. I know they are 'luxury' goods, but I don't think I should have to be scared to carry it around with me for fear of doing something which accidentally causes the rings to misalign further! I have returned faulty filos to Filofax UK in the past, but have just received faulty ones in return! (Or, at least, they were damaged in the post!)
We pay a LOT of money for these items, and should get QUALITY in return!! Is that too much to ask, Filofax?
I am seriously considering just using a bound planner instead- in fact, I would happily buy one today, if the concept of a Filofax wasn't brilliant! If I could make my own customisable planner using treasury tags or something, I would! Actually, I have an A5 Staples ring binder- I might start using that, with Philofaxy diary and files printed and punched!!

Filofax seem to be oblivious to these problems, even with all of the Filofaxes that have been returned to them because of faulty ring mechanisms in recent years!

So I decided to make a petition to inform them of these problems and protest against them. Please sign my petition (it takes 1 minute!), all of your support matters! If you have faulty Filofaxes, please could you list them in the 'Comments' part of the petition form.
Soon I will send it to Filofax, and I will let you know their response!

Here is the link to the petition!

Thanks everyone!!

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