Monday, 7 January 2013

Wonderous Washi Tape!


This is just a quick post to show you the AMAZING washi tape I got for Christmas!!

Last Christmas (2011) my mum got me a 2 pack of spotty tape from the Muji shop in London :)

This was just around the time I was finding out about this wonderous product, and so although I was very happy to have some, I didn't really know how to use it, and wasn't infatuated by it yet!
But seeing everybody's amazing Filofax and stationery blogs, showing how they use their washi tape, it gave me ideas of how to use mine!

Over the side of a flyleaf

E.g. I use it to reinforce the sides of Filofax sheets/flyleafs that I take off the rings frequently, especially ones where I have slit the holes so I can take them out without having to open the rings!

I didn't realise, but this 2 pack contains two different colours- I used to think both of these were the same colour, so I took one to uni and left the other at home, and only realised the other one was a different range of colours (pink/purple rather than orange) when I came home this October!! Woohoo, more washi tape!! :D

Now being infatuated by wonderful washi tape, I asked for some for Christmas, and my mum let me choose and order them myself from ebay. These are the ones I bought!

I keep them in a box from Paperchase, which I also got for Christmas!

So far I haven't used them a lot, except for one thing I have made, which I will show you soon ;b


  1. Drool... I am tempted to spend my Christmas money on increasing my washi tape stock - so pretty!!!

  2. Wonderful post!!!
    As a matter of fact: I´m using nearly the same tapes (guess we ordered from the same seller ;-) ) in exactly the same way in my personal Filofax... and I love it, too! There´re so pretty, theese tapes!!!

  3. I'm addicted to washi tape. I have at least 50 of them. I use them for everything as well. They brighten up everything!