Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Christmas poem!

The lovely Susannah has made a competition on her wonderful blog, Belzira's Corner!

The task is to draw, write or craft and Christmassy/Wintery scene! So here is my entry!

NB: I haven't written a poem in 6 years, so please bear with me ;b

Santa Clause's Filofax

Santa Clause's Filofax is bulging at the seams,
Filled with lists of girls and boys, nice and kind or naughty and mean?
Millions of letters fill the rings: 
A bike for Tommy, a doll for Jean;
"Please, dearest Santa, won't you bring, 
the gift I've craved since Spring!"

Hundreds of Elves make the candy, Christmas decs and toys;
Thousands of tin soldiers and teddies for all good girls and boys!
Baubles on fur trees and strings of tinsel decorate the workshop,
While jingle bells and Christmas carols make such a lovey noise!
Til the checklists have been finished, the Elves cannot stop;
Then finally, with a hot cocoa, off to bed they hop!

I hope you liked my little poem :)

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