Friday, 4 January 2013

365/30 Filo Lists- January 2013


I forgot to post this the other day, but I hope it's not too late for you guys to start your January lists! (And maybe you can catch-up on the previous days!)

1) New Year's Resolutions 2013
2) Goals for this month
3) Goals for 2013
4) Favourite moments of 2012
5) My achievements of 2012
6) 2013 planning tools
7) Books to read in 2013
8) 10 things to try in 2013 I've never done/had/experienced before
9) Favourite things on a cosy night in
10) Best things about being a child
11) Best things about being an adult
12) If I could only eat 5 food items for the rest of my life…
13) Favourite TV programmes
14) Simple things that make me happy
15) Magic/Super powers I would love to have
16) Places I'd love to go on holiday/vacation
17) Favourite animals
18) 5 things I love about myself
19) Favourite music/band/singers
20) Fun places to spend a day out
21) 10 favourite items of clothing in my wardrobe
22) Things/people/programmes that make me laugh
23) My favourite little indulgences
24) I prefer… (pick 1 of each): Books or music? TV or movies? Hot or cold? Internet or paper? Day or night? Sweet or savoury?
25) Favourite meals to cook
26) What I wore today
27) Favourite books
28) Top 5 websites to waste time
29) Chores I secretly enjoy doing
30) Favourite way to spend a day off
31) Review of the month

Happy January!

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