Monday, 7 January 2013

Filofax Dividers... A Poll!!

Hi everyone!

If there's one thing in my Filofax that I've changed more than my diary inserts, it's my dividers! I am going to do a post on them soon, but first I'd like you guys to answer my little poll!

The poll is composed of 2 parts.

1) What sort of dividers do you use in your Filofax?

2) How many dividers/tabs/sections do you use? (This includes subsections, which are perhaps subdivided using sticky tab)

Please answer both sections of the poll :)

I'd like you to answer with what is your most common or favourite answer. E.g. if you use 6 tabs most of the time, but sometimes have a couple extra, answer 6. If you mostly use your homemade dividers, but sometimes switch back to Filofax's standard ones, answer 'Homemade dividers'!

It would be great if you could also comment on this post listing which sections you have in your Filo :)

I'm really interested in what types of dividers people use, what your sections are, and how many you use! I will write a blog post soon with the poll results, and also show you my array of dividers :)



  1. Currently, I am using Davinci Dividers for both my main tabs and subsections. I purchased them from Rakuten (an online market that sells imported goods from Japan). My sections (subsections) are as follows: Calendars, To-Do's, Information (Projects, Sons info, My info, Misc.), Blogs (Posts, Ideas, Drafts), Finances (Budgets), and Notes. :)

  2. All my diviers are clear acetate with Martha Stewart tabs. I have 7 full sections (Projects, Diary, Food, Work, Lists, Me and Addresses) and a few other tabbed pages (stickers, blank paper, meal plans and shopping lists)

  3. I use the standard 1-6 dividers that came with my Filo. Currently, I have a 'fast food spending' section, a 'petrol spending' section, and a running shopping list.

  4. I use the 1 to 6 dividers that came with my filofax. I've now labled them Diary, Year (for my month at a view planner), Orders, To Do, Finance, and Blessings. I then have AB from the address dividers, which I keep any addresses in, though it's blank at the moment.
    And as I have a Metropol A5 I have a note pad in the back.

    I have put last years calender pages onto the dividers as they were prints of hand made designs and far too lovely to throw away.

  5. Oh boy... I use FORTY different dividers;

    One set of 2-letter-per-tab A-Z index for notes and reference information (13);
    "Notes" (1);
    "Diary" (1);
    Month tabs (Dec 2012-Dec 2013)(13);
    another set of 2-letter per tab A-Z "slimline address book" for contacts (12).

  6. Definitely Homemade and I have a total of 7 side tabs and 16 top tabs. (:

  7. I use home dividers & currently have 5 top tabs for in/notes, MITs (most important tasks), actions, projects & reference/misc. I've also used a calendar to make the dividers as the pictures were too nice to throw away.

  8. I use home-made dividers and have 6 sections: Notes (general capture area), goals (list of all my goals with their respective projects and next actions), months (a list of monthly goals), diary (WO2P plus one week of DPP diary sheets), lists (as it says, really - list of things to look for, things to buy, things I'm waiting on being delivered...) and info (as it says!).
    I am about to combine "month" and "diary" into one section though, when I next make some new dividers. I'm not sure why I split them!

  9. I use home-made dividers with 6 sections: diary (monthly and daily), todo, lists, ideas, notes and adresses (numbers).