Friday, 19 October 2012

Purple Malden: Dents and Complaints

Recently I wrote a post and made a poll asking "Do you care if your Filofax gets beat up when you use it?"

The results of this post are:

I get really upset:  22%
I get a bit annoyed:  48%
It doesn't really bother me:  10%
I like it beat up a bit:  18%

I am definitely in the "I get really upset" camp, but mostly I think it depends on which Filofax it is, and what the type of damage is- cheap vs. expensive, wear and tear vs. permanent damage.

The reason I made that poll is because my otherwise beautiful purple personal Malden gets dented REALLY easily!!!!

Here is a photo of it when I first got it:

Smooth as a baby's bum!!

The leather was sooooo smooth, I was surprised actually! It is one of the 'new edition' purple Maldens, when Filofax changed the supplier so the leather would be much more regular between binders. 
Compare the different leathers of my 2 purple Maldens: A5 is first edition, personal is new edition.

I must have been one of the first people in the UK to get one of the new edition purple Maldens- I got it as an exchange for a faulty filo direct from Filofax UK, I asked for it before they had been delivered from the manufacturer, and they sent it out to me as soon as they got them, even before City Organiser stocked them!

I really prefer the leather of my A5- it's crinkly and wrinkly, but I love it because it's got much more character to the leather, and it feels tougher and less puffy to the more regularised leather of the new edition personal.
It has no problems- except for the rings- but the leather itself hasn't got any damage to it. Ok, I don't take it in my bag or whatever, it just stays at home, but I think the leather is tougher than the personal, because:

Look at my personal!!
And it looks and feels worse in person than it looks here!

The personal 'new edition' dents soooooo easily!!! This is after only a few hours in my bag!! When it's in my bag, I keep my filo inside my handbag organiser, so it isn't resting against anything sharp like keys! But this is still what happens! It has happened 3 times before, on the front and back. And, for an obsessed Filo addict like me, who likes them all to be perfect, this is a nightmare!!

This is how I get the dents out a bit, with a hairdryer, but I don't like doing this as it makes my filo and everything inside really hot, and then it leaves a bit of a scar!

It is unacceptable!! Yes, Filofax, you made an effort to regularise the leather across the different binders, but the leather that you are using now is way too sensitive to normal daily use! I am scared to use my purple Malden now! I feel like every time I need to go out, I should put my filo insides into a cheaper filo, like a Domino, and leave my Malden at home! But then I feel like I will fall out of love with my purple Malden and I won't use it any more!


  1. This probably why I stay away from the leather filos, after reading philofaxy I just thought go with the others, Some leathers just look better after some wear and tear and some don't..but I agree with you after a few hours in a handbag thats just wrong

  2. I'm so sorry you're having problems with your new Malden & maybe they made a mistake with the new version?? My one was the previous type & was fine apart from scratching more easily like the ochre can. I think the crimson Maldens are the best based on the leather mine had. I definitely think a filo should be sturdy enough to put in your bag & not have to worry about it :(

  3. I love the color and the format of the purple Malden, but I'm glad I did not buy one. Too many people reporting too many problems with them. I'm glad I got the Crimson instead.