Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New poll!! Please answer! :)


So, as you probably know from previous posts, I hate it when my filofaxes get damaged! Since I received my new purple Malden in personal size, I have noticed that it gets dents really easily! Well, I forgot to take photos of the dents before I 'repaired' them using a hairdryer- so I can't show you! Anyway, more on that another time.

But I just wanted to do a quick poll on how many of you get really annoyed and upset like me when your filofaxes get wear and tear- or, how many of you don't mind them getting beaten up a bit. I know people on both sides of the fence!

Please vote on the poll in the top-right corner!



  1. For me I think it depends on the model. With the A5 Kendal I am quite looking forward to it getting roughed up a bit, but the ruby Deco... perish the thought!!!

    1. Very good point! I didn't really mind when my A5 Domino got caught in a zip (ouch!!) but if my Maldens did... I'd be distraught!!!

  2. Suppose it depends on the damage, general wear and tear is fine, I want my Filofax to look used and loved, my malden ochre looks better the more scratched it gets, but developing faulty rings, now that's a different matter!!!

  3. I only use my Personal domino and it's so smooth that when I find dents and scrapes it really stands out to me and annoys me :') <3.

  4. My chameleon has been fading white in a few places and it doesnt really bother me at all. I think if I was using a smooth leather organizer like the cuban or malden it might though.