Tuesday, 30 October 2012

365/30 Lists: November!

Here is November's 365/30 Lists!

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1) Goals for this month
2) My favourite things about November
3) Best childhood memories
4) My perfect house
5) The best things in life are free:
6) Recipes I want to learn
7) Favourite things to do on the internet
8) What colours should they add to existing Filofax ranges?
9) Best gadgets
10) Historical figures I would like to be
11) Guilty pleasures
12) 10 favourite blogs
13) If you could only read 3 books for the rest of your life, what would they be?
14) Favourite healthy food
15) If you were a Filofax (style, size, colour), what would you be and why?
16) On my wishlist...
17) Favourite names for pets
18) TV/Film/Book characters I'd like to be
19) Favourite subjects at school
20) Filofax inserts I use the most
21) First 5 things I do in the morning
22) What I am thankful for (Thanksgiving)
23) Favourite names for pets
24) Sources of inspiration Filofax should use
25) Dear Santa... (Christmas list)
26) 5 things I'd like to be an expert in
27) Favourite things to do on days off
28) In 10 years I see myself...
29) Preparation for the holidays
30) Review of the month