Monday, 29 October 2012

Filofax vs. bound notebooks- what I'm going to do next part 2

NB: If you haven't already, please read this post first

So this is a quick turnaround...

This morning I wrote a post about not using a personal filofax because they get damaged in my handbag. So I tried to start using a notebook for my day-to-day stuff...  

I wrote a day plan thingy for today, and a shopping list page, which only has 1 thing on it- a little hand whisk!

Well... harumphh. This isn't working. I just can't get used to a bound format, the randomness of where my lists etc will end up because I don't have specific sections, and the inability to move/remove/add things! :(

Also, the quality of the paper in the Moleskine I am using leaves much to be desired- the following page (shopping list) is decorated by some stamps, my new favourite thing- 

But the ink bleeds through to the other side!! :(

So, I'm going back to my personal Filofax for my daily organisation. I am still REALLY annoyed that the quality is rubbish, but I notice that the majority of damage (rings getting worse and dents in the leather) happens when I carry my filofax in my handbag. So, maybe I should change the way I carry it! It shouldn't go in my bag any more!

So the next question (besides solving my planner fail), is how should I carry my filofax when I can't have it in my hand?

Do you have any ideas for me? Please comment below!

BTW, I am still thinking about selling some of my personal filos, so if you see one you want, make me an offer!


  1. How about making yourself a felt (or some other material) slip cover to fit the filofax that goes into your handbag organiser.

  2. You need to keep it away from the other things in your bag. What about one of those inserts that mean you can switch handbags easily, without having to sort the entire contents? I've seen one (sorry can't remember where) that has a space big enough for a laptop so that would easily fit a filofax

  3. I keep my filo in a5 clear zip document bag, is cheap and tidy and easy to clean. but I don't mind leave marks on the leather, after all is my filo with history and love. lol. I am so weird.

  4. Mine just gets thrown into my handbag, I do try to keep keys in a separate compartment but every now and again I forget, at the end of the day it's a Filofax that's meant to be portable and the more dent's and scratches it get's the more it looks used and loved, I used to worry about them but now I go for more vintage looking models that way the scratches don't matter so much, they add to the character :-)

  5. I just throw mine (personal Holborn wine) in my bag. I let it get a little roughed up. As long as the rings are good then I'm happy.

  6. Hi guys, thanks for your comments!! I know what you mean about dents and scratches making your filo have more character, but what I'm worried about at the moment is the rings getting damaged in my bag too!
    I have some felt at home, so I will definitely try to make a cover/case for it, but I'd LOVE for it to be waterproof, so I'll see if I can make that work!

  7. you could try making 2 slip covers, the felt one for the inside to protect the filo and a vinyl one outside and blanket stitch the 2 together around the top. Just my whirring on again x

  8. I don't know about a full solution, but I am thinking of making a light 'rain-guard' using a modification of the back note-pad pocket swingpad idea - a piece of acetate folded over the top of the pages to protect them. I don't know whether the leather itself would damage in rain though - does anyone know?

  9. Get a smaller bag, seriously I think i've posted about my handbag ages ago but it means all that goes in the main pocket is my filofax, wedding notebook (martha stewart soft cover journal) and my purse. I have had no issues with dents or scratches. The Malden I can see being worse but my Holborn is in the same condition it was in when i bought it in July

  10. Have you thought of kiwi aquastop/ multi purpose protector for your filofax? Protects from water and stains

    Kiwi Aquastop protects all colours of shoes & clothes in leather, suede or textile.
    Just a thought

    1. Hi Deborah-Jane, that's a good idea, but I need to protect the papers from the rain more than the leather itself! Damn British weather!!

  11. I have no practical solution I am afraid but just wanted to say how glad I have found someone like me who is too-ing and fro-ing between ideas and what to do use!

  12. If you have a Claire's nearby, there are all sorts of small bags you can check out. I keep a sequin-covered tote (very small, big enough to carry an A5) in my car so I can downsize from my purse when I go into stores and just carry keys, phone, and wallet. You might get one just for your Filo. Here's an example:

  13. I'm using a slimline Holborn Zip right now, been using it a few months and it's in perfect condition even though it gets thrown in my bag, but you got me thinking about a case for it, I have a Fossil Ipad case which I no longer use for the ipad since I bought a BookBook case, my slimline, a few pens and an A5 notebook fit in perfectly. Thanks for the idea of putting my Filofax in a case :-)

  14. If you're going down the Moleskine road, and don't like the poor quality paper they use, try a Rhodia notebook instead (virtually identical to the Moleskine, but with 90gsm quality paper that's awesome with fountain pens). Just write the date on each page and use it as a DPP diary. I've been running a trial with a Moleskine and a Rhodia for the last three months - the Moleskine has fallen apart whilst the Rhodia still looks almost brand new in a "lived in" sort of way. Go for a Rhodia for your diary, a vintage English "made in England" filofax for your other stuff (that will take knocks much better than a modern binder) and be the envy of your fellow students.

  15. And what about using a neoprene laptop or tablet case? I think they are slightly cushioned and could be reasonably waterproof. And these days they are in almost all sizes.