Friday, 8 June 2012

Stationery Haul Wednesday 6th June!

Hi everyone!

This Wednesday I did a little bit of shopping in Liverpool City Centre, and also pick up a really exciting parcel! So technically I haven't bought everything in this stationery haul, but it still feels like a haul because there is so much reeealllyyy cool stuff in this lot!!

So I had to go to the Royal Mail delivery office to get a parcel which I had missed on the original delivery. It turns out going all the way to the delivery office, a few miles outside the city centre (but by a very easy 4 minute train journey) is an easier way to safely get your parcel, than having to wait for the lottery that is redelivery, when the post man only delivers your parcel to your house of the arranged day if he feels like it!!! After a 10 minute wait, I had my parcel in my hands! I couldn't wait, so I opened it while sitting on the platform waiting for the train.

It was the prize from Christa's blog competition! The competition was to do a blog post or a video about the set-up of your filofax, and I won!!!! :D :D
There's some amazing stuff in here!! I absolutely love the Avery tabs (can't get enough of them), the Post It super sticky notes- such a brilliant invention as they actually stick now!!, and the Get the Hint page markers- but I think my favourites are the Hello Kitty post-its (although they are so cute and I don't know where to find more of them, I kind of don't want to use them!!), and my absolute favourite is the Filofax pen!!! It's sooooo pretty!! Such a gorgeous colour! It's so sleek and beautiful!!
Thanks so much Christa!!

So after I made my way back into the city centre by return train, I went to some of my other favourite shops. Here's what I bought from them:

First I went to one of my favourites, Paperchase. I absolutely adore Paperchase, I could literally buy out their stock!! I really had to restrain myself! I had been wanting those magnetic page clips for weeks, and I finally bought them! They will go very nicely with my new dividers! I also bought some index stickers, buses and owls, as I will have lots of sub-sections in my dissertation filofaxes! And my favourite thing from there, some really practical and useful sticky notes, which are lined or squared, for lists, notes, diagrams etc for my dissertation filos. I know in North America they do quadrilled post-it notes, but 3M don't do them here, and these are the next best solution until they do, I think!!

Then I went into Rennies, which is an art/craft shop, also with a gallery/painting shop. They had some loose scrapbooking paper/card, and I had a really good look through these, changing my mind several times and putting some back and choosing some more! Finally I settled on the 3 sheets above, which were all under £1 each. I really love the Cath Kidston-esque prints at the moment, and I am going to make these into dividers for my new A5 purple Malden!! They also had packs of scrapbooking paper, but these were expensive, around £15 for a pack of about 50 sheets, with duplicates of each pattern, and I definitely won't use them all. I had a very good look around the rest of the shop, and the staff were very helpful. I have been living in Liverpool for almost 4 years on and off, and I don't know why I never thought of going in here for filofax pretties before! I had a look at their sticker collection, and I found some Blue Nose stickers that I don't already have! I love these so much, I am never going to use them, they are too cute!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am going home tomorrow for a couple of weeks! :D

Au revoir!!


  1. Blue nose stickers that are too cute to use? Can I tell you a secret... life is too short NOT to use something beautiful!! Imagine if all the mummified Pharaohs had never played with all thei rgrave goods before getting sealed in the tombs with them, how sad they would be (Oh, wait, that's right, they DIDN'T play with them first and took them pristine to the grave) Ask yourself; are they so cute I'd want to be buried with them? Watch them fade over the years and become decrepit? Lose their stickiness and no longer fulfil their purpose? Get them out, girl, and use them!!!!

    PS I lived this idea for ages, until I chucked some 'too good to use' stickers the other year and thought b****r it, life is too short. Enjoy!

    1. I LOVE your analogy!!! I'll try to use them on some dividers or something :) :)