Monday, 4 June 2012

Poll: Which filofax arrangement?

Hi everyone!
I want you to help me work something out. If you have 2 filos (of the same size), 1 for your personal day-to-day stuff and 1 for your uni/work stuff, but you only want to carry one with you when you are going to work or to the library to study etc, do you think it is better to:
a) Take your personal day-to-day filofax with you to work/the library with a section full of the relevant work papers you will need that day, or:
b) Take your uni/work filofax to work/the library with a section of the personal/diary (i.e. planner) stuff you will that day?
There's a poll in the top-right corner of my blog, or leave a comment below!

Thanks! Have a lovely Bank Holiday!!


  1. I would probably take the uni/work one with a small section of personal stuff because the likelihood that you would need to know what happened last week or next month in your personal life is slim. You have a much greater chance of needing to know some article you referenced in another paper last term. That's my take...

    1. That's a very good point, thanks Bridgett!!

  2. I would always choose door number 3: have ONE Filofax with EVERYTHING (work, uni, personal) in it. You know my motto: ONE life, ONE planner ... ;-)

  3. If you have two, but are going to be doing work/uni type stuff then I would think the sensible option would be to take the work/uni one with you, and any personal bits you need out of the other one.