Monday, 18 June 2012

Please vote for my friend!

Hi everyone!

Please do me a really quick but brilliant favour by voting for my friend Sarah, who has the chance to win £4000 from Bic! She is currently travelling around South East Asia after winning part 1 of the competition, and now she has a chance to win part 2 of the comp., in which she and 3 other students have a chance to win the money. She is lovely and very hard working, a definite worthy recipient as she needs the money to pay for her Master's Degree in Forensic Archaeology, such an exciting course, and she is even planning on fostering baby hedgehogs! Who could be a more worthy recipient?

Please vote for her by following this link:

Even if you aren't bothered about the competition, please do it for your love of Bic 4-colour pens, I know you all love them!!

Thanks so much!