Saturday, 16 June 2012

Poll Results


A couple of weeks ago I set up a poll on my blog about which was the better arrangement for work and personal stuff in multiple filofaxes of the same size when you are going to work: whether it is better to

  1. Carry your personal filofax to work with the relevant pages from your work filofax, or
  2. Carry your work filofax with you, with the relevant pages from your personal filofax.
The winner is...  Number 2!! Take your work filofax to work/uni/the library etc, with the pages you will need from your personal filo.

I wasn't surprised that number 2 won, 21 votes to 13. However, I was kind of surprised that number 1 got so many votes!
I can see the logic in number 2- as Bridgett said in the comments, "the likelihood that you would need to know what happened last week or next month in your personal life is slim. You have a much greater chance of needing to know some article you referenced in another paper last term." LJ concurred. I think that's a very good point! I would probably rarely refer to the personal stuff in my filo, but I would kick myself if I needed something that was in my work filo that I had left at home. I like Jotje's idea, about 'one life, one planner', but in this case I'm not talking about planning stuff- diaries etc- but rather the info, reference lists etc in my work filo. I couldn't fit all my personal stuff plus this in 1 filo, even if it had 50mm rings!!

I think overall that number 1 isn't so logical; as I said, personally, I don't think I will refer to my personal stuff that much- hopefully I can hold it in my head! Whereas I will need access to a lot of my uni notes that are in my work filo. However, option number 1 did win a lot of votes, meaning it works for a lot of people! 

Really, by asking this question to you all, I guess I was kind of looking for justification to carry my new A5 purple Malden personal filo with me, with some of my work filo pages in it! But after taking it to uni for a couple of days, I have got scared that my beautiful new purple Malden will become damaged; in the end, I would prefer to take one of my hardier filos to uni with me, like my Domino or my Chameleon, which by coincidence are my work filofaxes! So I guess that makes up my mind for me!

Now all I've got to do is actually set them up properly!

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