Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Poll: which DPP/DO2P planner should I use?


Earlier this year I bought Filofax's Day per page planner for my personal filofax. I have been using WH Smith's personal-sized DPP planner for my Filofax since March (when I started using Filofaxes), and I decided to use the real thing for 2012. I reviewed the two here and decided that I preferred the Filofax brand refill for a number of reasons.

But recently I have realised I need more space in my daily pages. After searching many brands, I decided the insert I really liked was the Day Timer Flavia day on two pages! It's really pretty and colourful, and I like the layout and the space it provides.
I suppose what I could do with my Filofax-brand DPP is put a piece of notepaper next to very busy days- but then it isn't nearly as pretty as the Flavia inserts! I would forever be wishing I had bought the Flavia ones!

If I hadn't already bought the 2012 filofax DPP, I would definitely buy the Flavia inserts. But I have, and I feel bad if I waste them! I couldn't really sell them on ebay, because I've already taken them out of the packet!

So what do you think I should do? Buy the Flavia inserts and have to find some other use for the filofax ones, or find someone to take them off my hands (I'd rather sell them for a few pounds than give them away!), or just stick with the Filofax-brand (boring) ones?
Please vote in my poll, and leave a comment if you like!

Thanks for your help!
P.S. does anyone want to buy an unused 2012 filofax DPP diary for cheap? Make me an offer!


  1. Hellooo

    You totally need to buy the Flavia inserts otherwise you will kick yourself and then feel guilty when you either end up purchasing them at some point anyway or feel gutted if they sell out! They look fab and so pretty :)

    Plus spookily enough I was just about to order the Filofax DPP 2012 inserts for a new work calendar experiment so let me know how much you would like to sell them for and I will purchase them from you

    Problem solved


  2. I like the DT Serenity pages (all the others have the appointment times bisecting the pages and I have no need of that). The DT are more colourful than Filo ...

  3. To be an enabler, but I have to agree with getting the Flavia inserts. Even though you already have the FF inserts, they are plain and you might regret not getting something prettier. True, you could always get them later if you feel that way, but then you'd have to copy over all of your information and have two different types of inserts for the year. That always drives me crazy, but that's just me. Plus, if Loulou is willing to buy the FF inserts, your problem is solved! ;)

  4. I've been looking at the DT inserts too today, much more colourful :)
    You could still sell the Filofax ones on eBay, just say they're 'new other' to say unused, but not in packaging.