Wednesday, 27 July 2011

First look at Filofax 'One Day on a Page' 2012 dairy

I just bought my new 2012 diary refill for my Filofax. I'm going to be using the DPP again because I love the large space it gives you and the appointments spaces, which allows me to see my day chronologically. This year I bought my DPP diary from WH Smith's own brand, because I was in WH Smith and it was cheaper than Filofax's own brand. But for next year I thought I would have a change.

WH Smith DPP 2011 refill
Filofax DPP 2012 refill
The reason I bought Filofax's own brand was because I liked the layout of it when I saw it on other peoples' pictures- there is a line break through each line on the page, which gives the illusion that there are two separate sections on the page, the section to write your appointments on the left and a section to write other things on the right. This is good for me as I have just started putting my to-dos on the right side on each DPP (I'll detail this in my forthcoming post about my daily Filo); because the WH Smith DPP don't have this gap, I have to draw a line down the page, which kind of clutters it, but the way the Filofax brand pages have it is a lot more subtle and it means you can either divide the page up as you need or write across the whole width of the page.
Comparing the other features of the 2 versions, at the moment I don't know which I prefer. The WH Smith version has time written every line, e.g. 8, 8:30; while the Filofax version has the hour and a colon e.g. 8: and no time written on the half-hour lines. The Filofax version has slightly smoother paper than the WH Smith, but to be honest I thought it would be as smooth as the WO2P regular diary refill I got with my Malden. It isn't that smooth, but I'm not that bothered, but it would have been nice. I just like stroking smooth paper ;D
The colour of the paper on the Filofax refill is slightly more creamy-yellow than the WH Smith, which is more obviously white. I don't think it's cotton cream, but it's not white-white and it's much nicer than the whiter refills and looks gorgeous in my ochre Malden where I'm storing it at the moment.

I think overall I prefer the layout of the Filofax refills- it's less cluttered on the page than the WH Smith refills, so there is more space at the top for me to write things because it doesn't have the days gone/days remaining at the top of the page like WH Smith does. Also, I prefer the font, I think it looks nicer than the WH Smith version! At the bottom of the page there are 2 blank lines, which I guess are supposed to be the notes section but it doesn't have the word 'Notes' written there like the WH Smith one does, which is a bonus because I might use these for 9 and 10pm, ('Notes' gets in the way when I try to do that in the WH Smith). I also prefer the month layout at the bottom, it's better than the way WH Smith do it in a long line across the page.

When I write it all down like this it makes me see that I think I'll prefer the Filofax inserts! But time will tell! I wish I got to use it now, I can't wait to get some appointments for 2012 to write in!!


  1. Lovely breakdown of each insert's pros and cons. I haven't decided what to use in 2012--now using Filofax dpp and FC monthly tabs. I get geeked out over inserts as well! So much promise in a new set of blank calendar pages. :)

  2. I know! I half want to fill it all in and half want to keep it pristine!!