Saturday, 12 November 2011

Filo problems...!

Woops! Sorry I haven't written in so long, it's very surprising how quickly time flies in the 4th quarter of the year!! Nearly Christmas!

So I have been drooling over the A5 Malden in ochre for the past week or so. I know what you are thinking, I already have an A5 Malden, but I just LOVE the colour of the ochre one, especially since I saw the photos of Kathiza's on her blog! I prefer the ochre to the vintage pink.
I would love it for planning, notes etc for my dissertation, and when the time comes, my PhD thesis, and in the future, professional research projects! The gorgeous brown leather just screams 'Professor' to me- old fashioned, office that looks more like a library, leather arm chair and tweed jacket with leather elbow pads!! I've always loved that! I'm a very visual person, and if I see something that screams 'Professor' to me, it will make me act more professional in my research projects! Well, I hope!!

I wanted to get it as my main Christmas present from my parents. But ever since my mum said "that's very expensive" re the A5 Malden, I have been rethinking it. It wasn't a logical reaction, I didn't think "yes, it is actually", it was a gut reaction- as soon as she said it, a seed of doubt grew in my belly. Suddenly I was full of thoughts- do I need another A5? will I really use this? have I thought it through?
I know that I have a LOT of filofaxes. My A5 Domino is sitting on my bookcase doing nothing! I could use that, but it isn't as pretty as the ochre Malden, and it definitely doesn't scream 'Professor'!! I don't want to use my Domino as my proper dissertation planner; although, I think I will use it as my on-the-go A5, e.g. if I need my dissertation planner on campus for a meeting or something, I will put my papers inside the Domino so my Malden (or whichever filo I use) doesn't get bashed about in my bag.
Really, I don't want another filofax. I think my obsession might be getting a bit over the top then! I certainly don't need another one when I have an A5 going unused. So what can I do? Sell one? I won't get my money back for it!

As I see it, I have 3 options:
1) I could buy the ochre Malden. But that means another A5 filo, which I think is just ridiculous!
2) Use something else, a filo I already have!
3) Something which would be my ideal situation, but I don't know if it will work out! I could take my A5 vintage pink Malden to the Philofaxy meet-up, and ask in the Filofax shop if I can exchange it for an empty ochre Malden. But I don't think this will work... I have to think about whether I am really going to try this!

As I said, I already have an A5 Malden, in vintage pink. I bought it from the Filofax website for myself as a present after I graduated. In it I have 2 diary inserts up to the end of 2011 (which have gone mostly unused); a section for time-management; a section for getting things done (although not GTD proper); a section for main projects; and the most important section, my fun section, where I have notes on blog posts to write, Filofax planning (ideas of what goes where, etc), lists of favourite TV programmes, books, films etc.
But I have opened this filo maybe twice since term started! I just don't focus on things like this when I am so busy with uni stuff. I do try to do time-management planning etc, but not as often as I would like, and not necessarily in here. I don't plan my blog that much any more (shock horror!!), and really I don't need to have a list of 'favourite TV programmes' to know what to watch!!
So, I'm thinking of emptying out my vintage pink Malden, and using it for my dissertation filofax instead. However, it's not the gorgeous ochre colour, and I don't know any vintage pink professors!!

So what do you guys think? Do you think I will be able to exchange my vintage pink Malden in the Neal Street shop next Saturday?


  1. Id buy another one but that's just the filofax OCD in me haha!I too have an A5 Malden in vintage pink and while its just gorgeous I think the ochre is equally as appealing.

    This is just how I do things, but for something like a dissertation which is painful in itself I know I would want something that is going to make me enjoy doing it- and having it in the planner I want would make me happy to be doing it! Do you know what I mean?

  2. I know what you mean! definitely something to think about, thanks! :)

  3. Why not bring it along & ask? If you don't, you'll never know! You could also sell it on eBay to help fund the scrummy ochre. I've never seen an ochre Malden in the flesh, but they look gorgeous!

  4. I have the ochre Malden in the personal size, and I only bought it because it reminded me of Indiana Jones, so I totally understand your reasoning!

  5. I think you should buy the Ochre and keep the vintage pink. You already have uses for both, keep university work separate from home/other life and the Domino can be a storage/file binder to decant the other two into therefore having its own use. This is of course coming from someone with way too many Filofaxes.

  6. Oh Saffy, you are a good enabler!! aren't they just soooo addictive?? :D

  7. I would buy the Ochre, take out the inserts and put them in the Vintage Pink and then sell it on eBay. You would get a good price at this time of year. Set a reserve just in case!

  8. In my opinion you must ask yourself 'if I like the Ochre more than the vintage pink, why did I buy the vintage pink in the first place?" You should sell the pink one and then buy the ochre. Plus seeing that you have one unused on a shelf you could use that.
    however, as a fellow filo lover (i currently use pocket malden) i do understand that once the seed has been planted, the seed has been planted....

  9. I'm going to keep the vintage pink I think, and I've just sent my damaged A5 Finsbury off to Filofax, I'm hoping to get credit to exchange it, which would go towards an ochre A5! :D I hope it works out!