Monday, 14 November 2011

Filofax memories prize- Apex


A few weeks ago Filofax ran a competition to win a free filofax if you share a Filofax memory with them, through one of the filofax blogs. I won!! among lots of other philofaxers :)

The free filofax we won was an Apex. I wasn't too impressed, as I had been dreaming that Filofax would give us a choice of binders, and I was drooling over many of the more expensive, leather ones. Actually, people on twitter were joking about getting an Apex as the prize, it was like a threat! Well, Filofax didn't even give us a choice over colour and size!
Well, I'm not one to moan (much) over free stuff! So I'll just stop wingeing and be grateful!

Here is the Apex I got through the post about an hour ago:

Personal-sized, black with orange elastic. After I got over it not being pink (I did have my fingers crossed!), the first thing I thought was "that would be perfect for Matthew", my brother! His favourite colours are black and red, so this fits the bill almost perfectly! I'm going to give it to him as a Christmas present. He already has a planner for this academic year, but he can decide on how to use it, as the diary lasts until Dec 2012. I think most likely he will use it as a notebook because he uses a free promotional A6 pad from his library at the moment. I hope he will like this, and best thing- now I don't have to buy one of his presents!


  1. I got a pink one! I dont really have a use for it, so I am going to give it a friend who wants to try a filofax before she buys.

  2. I asked for a pink one, and they promised to send me a pink one. Which I didn't receive yet btw. I will give it my oldest daughter who starts secondary school next summer and wants "something more serious" as a school planner. I don't quite see how a pink Apex would fit that bill, but I'm relieved to have found a use for it. No need to burn or destroy it after all ... (hehe)

  3. If they had sent GREAT filos they would have great reviews, cached forever. Using the apex as a prize was really short-sighted.


  4. @Tracy I agree! I think it might have been something to do with the fact that they extended the prizes, they were originally only going to have 3 winners per blog, then they made it 6 per blog, so I guess it cost them double! So maybe before they would have given away better prizes, and now they gave away cheaper (rubbish) ones to make up for the difference! They have given away lots of Apexes in the past in competitions... I think they are trying to get rid of them!!