Friday, 5 August 2011

My personal filofax set-up!


Here is my personal filo set-up post, as promised! I did a video for it!! Please watch it on youtube :)

Thank you!! I'll put some photos up on flikr of my new set-up, I know how you guys like to drool over things like that :)

Please watch out for my next posts/videos which are related to my filofax set-up, my overview of how I use my personal DPP inserts and my time management system!

Have a lovely Friday!! xx


  1. Thanks for the tour of your Malden!

  2. Kate,

    Thanks for the video - very interesting, and good of you to share. Hope to hear from you on the yahoo group.


  3. oh my, I have recently discovered filofax (as you can see from my new blog ) and I think im addicted.. Is there an filofax anonymous? I love your blog as I am also a student so like to get inspiration from you :)x