Thursday, 11 August 2011

My new DIY dividers

Hello for the second time today!

Recently I've been using Paperchase's own version of the Filofax dividers, which are unlabelled and in pretty colours. But I wanted something more fun and personal. I've been buying some pretty card to make my own dividers, but it's all plain because I haven't been able to find any flowery card. So I when I went to town and still couldn't find some perfect card, I had an idea: postcards! No, not 'Wish you were here' types, but pretty fashionable ones! I found some really pretty ones in Clinton Cards, which were 50p each, so I bought 5 different types. They are typical postcard size, which is wide enough to be a filofax personal-sized divider, but not tall enough. However, I wasn't bothered about this, they still do their job and look lovely!

Here are some pictures of my new dividers!
This is my favourite postcard so I put it at the front! Behind it is 1 sheet of notepaper for quick notes and my rotas/timetables and diary :)
My to-do/project section divider. "Keep calm" when you see how much you have to do behind it; "carry on" should actually say "get on with it!!"
My 'me/fun' section, with fun stuff like stuff about my blog, books I want to read etc behind it. I like this card because not only is it beautiful, it reminds me that in the midst of all my crazy uni-filled days, sometimes I have to stop and smell the roses (or blossom) :)
My 'ongoing/lists/finance' section divider; no reason I have this one here, it's just pretty :) Shoooess!!! lovely!!
My reference section :) But I suppose that if I ever have a hobbies/crafts section, I could use this divider for that, because it is a nice patchwork Union Flag :)

All I did to make them was punch them with my new Rapesco punch (which I will review soon) and cut a part of the right-hand side out, leaving only the tab remaining. Easy!


  1. There very pertty, i love the keep calm carry on and the pretty union jack :-) I cant wait to make some really pretty ones hehe :-) xxx

    Oh my i just closed the tab and thought i lost my comment by accident!!! then i looked and there it was PHEW!!!!

  2. those are really cute! I will have to start looking for prospective divider materials when I'm out running errands.

  3. Nice! I want to jazz up my dividers as well. I do have some postcards, but I'm using them for a different Filo project. Maybe I can get some others to use as dividers. I will keep you posted!

  4. Hi! I've recently discovered Philofaxy, and from there I got to your blog! There are so many great ideas on both blogs, I think I will only leave my computer by September!
    COngrats on those amazing dividers.

  5. Hey!
    I have a pocket filofax, looking on the paperchase website now.
    Does the mini organiser refils range fit in a pocket one? As there range is so much better!
    Thank you!