Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July video update: My recent videos!

Hi guys!!

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog in the past few weeks, but I've been making some videos! Finally I bought myself a tripod for my camera!! Previously I tried to make videos using my webcam- poor sound quality- or my phone- very wobbly- so now I'm happy that I can make better quality and steadier videos!

Here are the videos I've made recently!

Artbox haul!

July set-up of my Filofax: A5 Raspberry Chameleon!

How to dissect a notebook for your Filofax (although this might be updated at some point!)

My set-up of the notebook/diary I use on-the-go/around the house!

And finally: Unboxing of my A5 Aqua Malden!

I will be telling you about my Aqua Malden in my next post on Wednesday :)

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