Sunday, 28 July 2013

365/30 Filo Lists- August!

Here is August's 365/30 List!

Thanks so much to Jennifer who came to my rescue to write this list with very little notice!! :D

1)      Goals for the month
2)      List your favorite games to play
3)      List memorable things you did as a kid for a stranger
4)      List your guilty pleasures
5)      List pets you’ve had and their names
6)      What are 3 things most people probably don’t know about you
7)      What are 3 of your greatest fears
8)      What are the 3 best things about you
9)      What have been your fashion trends over the years
10)   List your most embarrassing moments or habits- how could you change/stop them?
11)   List desirable qualities to find in friends
12)   List miraculous or supernatural experiences you would love to have
13)   List cuisines to taste
14)   What are some things to be less lazy about
15)   What changes do you wish for the world?
16)   What are moments in music you will never forget?
17)   What are your favorite songs from the 70’s?
18)   List your favorite music videos
19)   What cities do you plan to visit?
20)   List the saddest songs in the world
21)   What performers would you bring back to life?
22)   What songs would you strip to?
23)   List the things you would save if your home was on fire?
24)   List the people from history you’d like to have a conversation with
25)   What were your biggest acts of kindness
26)   List the times you have had an audience
27)   List the things you like to do on your day off
28)   List the people you have lost contact with
29)   List people you dislike and one kind thing you would say to them
30)   List the things you wish you had a second chance to do
31)   Review of the month

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