Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Introduction to my A5 Aqua Malden... with an interesting twist!!

Hi guys!!

If you are part of the Facebook Philofaxy group, or if you've watched my unboxing video on youtube, you will have seen my A5 Aqua Malden! If you haven't, there are lots of juicy photos here!!

I think this one's really special because I believe it's the first Aqua Malden to be released in the UK- read below why!

Since I learned last year that Filofax were going to be making an Aqua Malden, I knew I had to have it! I love the Malden range, and in the past I've had quite a few, although my collection has decreased a lot recently! How would I get my hands on one? :)
    For the last few months I have been in contact with some people from Filofax UK about replacing a couple of faulty Filofaxes. I swapped one for my A5 Wine Holborn I picked up from the Filofax shop in March at the Philofaxy meet-up! I asked for the replacement for the other faulty Filofax to be the Aqua Malden, and they said they would send me one as soon as they are released! The original release date was mid-June, but in the end it was delayed until 24th July. I heard from Margaret Rennie at Write at Home that she would be sending her stock to their new owners (bought through pre-order) on the 24th, so I guessed mine would be sent from Filofax HQ then. Actually, it was sent from Filofax HQ early, even earlier than the retailers were allowed to dispatch theirs, so I guess I was the first person to receive an Aqua Malden! The post man came earlier than I thought, at lunch time on the 24th... the only time that week that no-one had been at home!!
    I had received one of the dreaded "You were out" cards from the post man! My long awaited-for Filofax had been sent to a local Post Office! And, even worse, it said I had to wait 24 hours to pick up my parcel!! Well, I couldn't wait, knowing it was only a few streets away!!! I phoned up the post office, and the lovely lady there said I could pick it up that afternoon!!! I walked there with my dad and my dog, and finally the box was in my hands!!!!
    I knew you guys were as excited as me to see an Aqua Malden, so I filmed an unboxing video...

And loaded lots of photos onto the facebook Philofaxy group!!

I got lots of comments, questions and likes! Most people said it was lovely and they couldn't wait to get theirs, some people said they actually didn't like it now they've seen one, lots of people saying the creases are too wrinkly, and some comments on the colour!

The colour is very difficult to capture on camera! It looks MUCH bluer on the camera/monitor than it does in person! Actually, I would describe the true colour to be a spearmint or jade green!

Closer to the true colour, although this photo doesn't show the depth of the colour.

We had to bribe Chloe to take this photo, by putting cat biscuits on top on my Filofax!

That evening I set up my Aqua Malden by moving the contents of my A5 Raspberry Chameleon over. Fortunately, the dividers match perfectly!
I was busy at work last week, so I wasn't able to play with it much :( But then on Friday (2 days after I received the Filofax), I got an interesting email from someone at Filofax with whom I have been in contact...

"Further to my recent email I am pleased to advise you that 

we have today sent you an A5 Malden aqua organiser by  

Royal Mail Recorded Signed For delivery."

At first I was confused, and then I laughed... they had accidentally sent me 2!! I had been in contact with 1 person about my replacement Filofaxes, and then I think my case was handed over to a second person, who didn't realise that the first person had already placed an order for an Aqua Malden, so she unknowingly sent a 2nd one!
I knew I would have to reply and send one back, but I realised something... when I received the 2nd one, I could open it up and compare the two Filofaxes, and keep the one I preferred and send the other one back! The leather on Maldens tends to vary between different binders- some are more crinkly, some are smoother- so I was glad I had the opportunity to compare them!

When the 2nd Aqua Malden arrived, I was pleasantly surprised!

1st Malden on the left, 2nd Malden on the right!

The 2nd Aqua Malden is much smoother than the 1st! Everyone on facebook agreed how much better the 2nd Malden looks!!

I'm happily setting up my Aqua Malden, adding new sections and striving to improve my time management and organisation techniques. As soon as I'm happy with the set-up I'll make a video and/or do a blog post!

So what will I do with the Malden I'm not keeping? Well, I was happy to send it back to Filofax, but I thought that I could ask them if they would let me keep it to give away as a prize in a competition on my blog... and they agreed!!! So TOMORROW I'll be launching my competition to win the A5 Aqua Malden!! Stay tuned!!!


  1. How nice of them to let you keep the second one as a prize, I can't wait to enter ;) I've been lusting after the aqua Malden for months now!

  2. I looooooove it! It's so beautiful! I've wanted a Malden for so long anyway. :D Can't wait for the competition. It's so amazing they let you keep it to give away. It's why I don't mind their prices sometimes. Their customer service has been amazing from my experience with them.

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  4. Hi, is this colour to feminine for a guy to have?

    1. Hi Mark, of course it's a matter of opinion, but it's a nice bluey-green so I think if you use masculine/neutral colours in it, it wouldn't look too girly, although I've got a lot of pink and other bright colours in it, so mine does look girly!! :)

  5. Thank you for replying. I have the Ochre in personal size and could do with a larger one for when I start teaching in Sept. Many thanks and I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos - all are brill and very inspiring!

  6. gah! in u.s. we are still waiting to ORDER!

  7. Hmm. I realize that leather will have some variation in finish, but the crinkly hide should not have passed QC in the first place. Very odd that new Maldens seem to lack the suppleness of the older ones: the new ones appear to not open fully flat, as if the cardboard sandwiched in the spine is too rigid.

    1. Yes, I agree with your observation of the newer Maldens! I was using my A5 Ochre Malden the other day, which I bought about 18 months ago, and the quality is much better!
      Re: the leather quality- all Maldens vary, which seems to be standard nowadays! Filofax include a card which says that variations in leather are normal, and just because it's a natural product- I guess they think that covers themselves from getting complaints about the leather!

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  9. Just purchased Personal sized ochre Malden from John Lewis store. Felt lucky to have found one in stock. From my view many filofax are too feminine - but this is just right. In terms of note taking I use a Midori which I prefer as A5 filofaxes are heavy and bulky and binder rings limit extensive note taking. However the personal Malden is just right alternative for quick notes. I dislike the filofax diary insert and just replace with plain/cream note paper. The ochre looks ideal for filofax to bump around in bottom of my rucksack. I wonder if it will last though when compared to mu faithful Midori?....time will tell....