Friday, 26 April 2013

NatStatWeek- My favourite stationery: Notebooks

Sorry for another late post, I had a busy and stressful day yesterday- we had to take our cat to the vets (she's ok now!), I got an email saying I didn't get the job I really wanted and thought I'd get, which upset me a lot, and then I found a vacancy for another job I've been looking for, so I spent an hour applying for that and got an interview, but I used to work there so I'm 99% sure they'll give me the job. After all that stress, I spent the evening playing Sims 3, which is what I do when I'm upset or stressed, and I completely forgot about the blog post!!

I have lots of notebooks. Lots and lots! Probably more than I will ever need!
I'm not very good at using them because whenever I start one, with a purpose for it like for drafting a novel, or for an Egyptology project, I change my mind about what to use it for after 3 pages and then feel like I've ruined the notebook! This doesn't happen with Filofaxes, because I can just take a page out and start again!
But I still LOVE to buy them, collect them, look at them on my shelf!
Most of my notebooks are unused (in fact, I'd say 80% of them!), and I think the rest are unfinished. Maybe one day I'll use up my current stash, but I don't think I'll ever stop buying them, so I think it's a never-ending situation!

My favourite ones are the pocket Moleskine-esque (actually Blackwells bookshop knock-offs!) ones, which are filled with notes, to-do lists, assignment lists, essay ideas, etc etc from university! I used to keep it in the front pocket of my handbag, and I'd just grab it and scribble whatever was on my mind- they truly are brain dumps! I loved to flick through the pages and see them full of writing. I used to read through them while walking home from uni, and put a diagonal line through the to-dos that were done, ideas that had already been implemented into essays, notes that weren't needed any more. I loved how the paper became indented onto the other side when I wrote with a biro. I used a 4-colour pen, and sometimes I colour-coded, sometimes it was random. I LOVE these notebooks, because they truly are my brain on paper. Random, eclectic, messy- and only I can make sense of it!

Personal Notes etc

Uni notes

Here's my rather large collection of notebooks on my bookcase and in my basket by my desk!

Smaller, pocket sized to A5 sized notebooks. Most of these are unused, and too cute to use!!

Bigger notebooks, from A5 to A4! I use these for research notes, language learning etc, so they get used more than my pocket notebooks. I'm not as precious about them as my cute smaller notebooks!


  1. I noticed several notebooks ARS by Staples! What do you thing about them? Are they useful? Have you had enjoyeful experience in using them?

    1. Hi! These aren't actually Arc notebooks, but similar and much cheaper ones I bought in WH Smith years ago! I like the idea of these and the Arc, but I don't like the actual product- the paper falls off the discs easily and becomes damaged, I wouldn't be able to use them very much because I would be worried about lost and damaged papers!