Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NatStatWeek- My favourite stationery: Sticky Notes!

(Sorry for this post being late! ;b )

I have a lot of sticky notes (a.k.a. Post-It notes), but how can I not- they're so useful!!
I use them for taking quick notes that I only need temporarily, for lists etc on my dashboard/WO2P and other places in my planner, and for more permanent info in my Egyptology research filo, which I can move from page to page as I work, and then stick them down again to store them.

I actually prefer cheaper sticky notes because I mostly use them for temporary things, so I don't want to use expensive (i.e. Post-It brand) ones, when I'm only going to use them for a couple of things and then throw them away. So I don't mind if they don't stick very well!
But for things that need to stick for longer- e.g. in my Egyptology filofax- I use 3M brand's Super Sticky Post-It Notes!
I really like cute and novelty sticky notes, but when they're limited edition (e.g. seasonal ranges from Paperchase) or ones I won't be able to get again (e.g. grid Post-Its from the USA sent to me by Kristin), I feel like I can't use the, so I keep them in my stationery box and I don't use them!

Here are some photos of my collection :)

These are my main sticky notes in one of my Hello Kitty boxes :) A mixture of Martha Stewart, Post-It Super Sticky, cheap ones from supermarkets etc, and other ones. I take this box to my desk so I can use my sticky notes there, or with me when I'm working in bed with my filos or books :)

The sticky notes drawer in the set of drawers on my coffee table. It's basically the same contents as my Hello Kitty box duplicated, but missing a few as I can't fit them all in. The big pink one is my new Post-It block I got quite cheap from Staples! I love this drawer as it is so useful when I'm sitting on my sofa, it's within an arm's reach so I don't have to get up ;b (Lazy me!!)

Martha Stewart Avery sticky notes and tabs sent from the USA by Amy! I feel like I shouldn't use them as lots of them are discontinued and I can't get them again, but I've got some others I bought from Staples here in the UK which I'm using, so I might start using them after those!

These are my novelty and cute sticky notes, mainly from Paperchase, but also others I got as gifts, e.g. Hello Kitty :)

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