Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NatStatWeek- My favourite stationery: Mechanical Pencils

I really love mechanical pencils! I like writing with pencils anyway; they are very useful as it doesn't matter if I make mistakes, I don't have to worry about colour-coding, it doesn't go through cheap paper like some inky pens do, and my handwriting looks quite good when I write with them!
    But I often drop my writing implements (I carry too much at once!), and regular pencils break really easily! Continually sharpening blunt pencils, or especially annoying broken leads, is frustrating and often difficult to do when you are on-the-go, or don't have a sharpener or a bin around! Plus I don't really like the bare/varnished/painted wood that pencils are usually made of, and they are too thin for me to hold comfortably in my fingers.

But I love mechanical pencils! They don't break as easily as normal pencils, the leads last for ages, the barrels/bodies are generally easier to hold and more comfortable for your fingers as they are similar to pen barrels, and they are relatively economical.

 Zebra Mechanical Pencils, 2 of a set of 5- zebra print, leopard print, and the other is tiger print.
These are really cute because they look like normal pencils, but are made from pencil instead of wood. They even have the metal part and the eraser at the top, and the 'wooden' bit at the bottom where the lead comes out. You push on the eraser and the lead gets pushed out like a normal mechanical pencil.

Lamy Safari red mechanical pencil- I love the Lamy Safari fountain pens, so I extended this to the Lamy mechanical pencil! It's a bit slimmer and smaller than the fountain pens, but has the same great design.

My favourite mechanical pencil- Uni Kuru Toga!! I LOVE this pencil! I also have one in pink.
The ingenious thing about these pencil is that the special mechanism inside, made of cogs and wheels, rotates the lead a tiny bit every time the pencil is touched against the paper. This means that the lead never gets blunt, so you don't have to turn the pencil in your fingers to use the sharper side of the lead, which means the lead doesn't snap off!! The nib stays perfectly not-too-sharp + not-blunt all the time! The diagram below demonstrates. This means that you don't have to keep rotating the pencil in your fingers to get the sharp lead- which takes some getting used to, as you unconsciously do this when you use a regular pencil or even a regular mechanical pencil!
It's such a good invention, it changes the way you write so much!!

Uni Kuru Toga M5-450T

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