Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Retail Recommendations: City Organiser

City Organiser is a brilliant company/shop based in London, established in 1987. They sell lots of lovely products, including luxury handbags, pens, and of course Filofax organisers!!

I am highlighting this company because I have had nothing but positive experiences with it!
I have bought several Filofaxes from them online. Unfortunately I have never been to the shop itself, but next time I go to London I will make sure I go there! The staff was very accommodating to the Philofaxy meet-up group, opening the shop up for them on a Saturday when they are normally closed. CO owner, Andy Morse, even joined the group for lunch! Read about the meet-up here!
Welcome to City Organiser

The reasons that City Organiser are a brilliant company is that their customer service is excellent- if you have any questions, write to them on the website or phone them- they are very helpful! Their postage is amazing, always well-packaged and arrives ridiculously quickly- order by early afternoon (I don't know the exact time) and they should dispatch it the same day, and then the parcel should arrive the next morning, even with the cheapest postage! (Or at least, the Filofaxes I've bought from them always have!) I've never had this service from Filofax UK! If you have a problem with what you've bought, like a fault (a very rare experience!), just telephone them and discuss the returns/exchange policy- again, they are very friendly and helpful! Not to mention, their prices are often a lot cheaper than the RRP!!

City Organiser are on Facebook and Twitter, and regularly hold competitions and prize draws and have discounts on their website!

Read about the history of City Organiser on this fantastic post on Philofaxy!


  1. To me a recommendation like this is far better than any advert for a company.

    A companies reputation means a good deal... in both sense of the words too!

    It shows that a small company can compete and provide the service you expect from the larger mail order companies and at a price that is very very hard to beat. In fact I would still go to City Organiser now even if they were slightly more expensive because as you say their customer service is excellent.

    'Very accommodating' is a slight understatement we more or less took over the whole shop in May stock room included!!! And I'm looking forward to going back there again in September.

    I'm pleased to read that other people get as good a service as I do. Thanks for sharing Kate.


  2. I can't fault them either... any Filofax I have ordered from them arrives well packaged and well within the bounds of date-ness; you know, that ghostly time between ordering and getting when it's just like waiting for a first date and you keep thinking what will it be like? Will I like it? What can we do together? Is this just a one-date thing or a keeper?
    Well worth a plug or two, and I would love to visit them when I get to London eventually!

  3. I received a Filofax from them with rusty rings. I emailed them and they immediately sent another one out without waiting for the faulty one to be returned. That's how it should be! Their shipping is always really fast and providing a discount code certainly helps! I'll always choose them over Filofax UK unless pricing is an issue. It hasn't been so far!

  4. Bought a new Deep Pink Personal Domino filofax from Filofax UK this afternoon after roaming through many filofax supplier websites and eventually gave up on finding much cheaper, the FF came to £24. Later however after catching your latest blogpost I found the amazing City Organiser who were selling the Raspberry Personal Malden for £39 plus 10% off code from philofaxy (BARGAIN!) :D
    So just wanted to say a big thank you for highlighting me to this great store as well as asking you if I would be able to return the FF ordered earlier from Filofax UK or can you only return the organisers if there is a problem with them?
    Thanks, Amy :)
    PS Loving the blog, it has become my new obsession!

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for your kind comment! If your filofax hasn't been dispatched yet from the FF website, you may be able to cancel the order! If there's no option on the website, you may be able to do this by calling customer service! If you are unable to do this and the Domino arrives, I think you will have a few days/weeks in which you can return it (check on the invoice that will arrive with it), but you may have to pay for return postage! Good luck!!

  5. I agree about City Organiser's excellent customer service & would also recommend them to anyone :)

  6. I've bought 4 Filofaxes from them and i've always had excellent service :)