Saturday, 7 July 2012

Reader Question: What do you do with filofax pages you don't need all the time?

Hi everybody!

SSA recently asked: If you only have one filofax (OTF, one life one filofax), which is filled with all of the pages you need on a daily basis, and other pages you don't need so often, do you carry everything with you all the time? What do you do with the pages you don't need to carry in you filofax every day,  but still want to take with you sometimes? If you don't have another filofax to store them in, but don't want to carry these extra sheets with you every day because of ring size/weight problems, where do you store these extra pages that you don't need to carry every day?

Please leave your own ideas/solutions/how you do this in the comments, thanks!


  1. Vanjilla has the answer:

  2. Also depends on how you translate OTF: for me it means using only ONE Filofax for planning purposes. It doesn't mean that I only have ONE Filofax! I have many, because when I'm in the mood I like to switch into another model or colour. Thus, I have plenty of candidates that are thrilled to hold any spare pages, or to serve as archive ... ;-)

  3. I've recently made my way to my OTF, my personal purple Malden. At the moment, I do have a bit of a mixture of A5 & personal inserts/notes to sort through & they're in a little filing box.

    I only tend to use lined paper in my filos, so can normally fit any spare paper in the box my filo came in. Other than that, I try to be a bit strict so that I don't have anything else lurking about & everything else just always lives in my filo.

  4. Hi Thanks for posting my question. I will give a specific examples:
    1) xmas card list - I do not need this at all between January and November - so what in my OTF do I carry this list around everyday?

    I had thought of the storage binder idea for blank/extra pages, but if I am then storing lists or info in a secind binder then is that truly OTF?

    1. Hi SSA! I have at least 10 filofaxes (I haven't counted recently because I'm in denial that I have a filofax addiction 'problem'!), and while I don't say that I ascribe to OTF, I only use 1 filofax for my day to day planning, so for me that's my OTF, with other ones sitting on the side for other purposes, for use when I need to, or even just for storage of lists like you said. It doesn't mean that you are cheating on your one true filofax or betraying the OTF philosophy, it's just that you are putting things aside as you need to, whether it's in another binder that you weren't using (which is a nice way to find a use for a spare filo) or even in the box your filofax came in.

  5. Hi!
    That's a good question... I usually store them into a couple of Filofax boxes, with the single sheets kept together with paper fasteners (the ones in brass). I HAD thought about getting one of the official binders, but price, space (having a ring instead of a fastener does take up space) and versatility (you won't need dividers, you just put them into a different pile!) nay-sayed it.