Friday, 28 October 2011

S&L filofax dividers!

Today I am going to review my lovely new filofax dividers!

As soon as I saw them on Imy's flikr, I fell in love with them! I traced them back to her blog, then followed the link that send me to the facebook page, where there were loads of pictures I could drool over!

I couldn't wait until they arrived, unfortunately I accidentally delivered them to the wrong address, so it was a bit longer before I could get my hands on them, but it was well worth it!
Here they are inside my Cuban zipped daily filofax!

First divider, for my 'Organisation' section. Lovely and flowery!!
Back of the first divider, with some post-its stuck on it ready for re-use!

I REALLY love polka-dots at the moment! My uni work section
Beautiful big colourful flowers!
Third divider, doesn't have a purpose yet!
Oops, a bit lop-sided!
My 'reference' section divider!
Spotty-dotty :D
And finally, my 'notes' section, with the beautiful big rose in the middle!

S&L also make today markers/rulers! I bought a set of these too! (2 in a pack!)

These dividers and today markers are gorgeous, I'm so happy with them!
They are covered with a plastic which means they are very durable, and they are double-sided, which means you can see 2 interesting patterns per divider when you turn the page! And most importantly, they are made by two Filofax-lovers, and that's what makes them really special!
I love Cath Kidston designed things! But S&L also have other designs, including Country Garden and Retro (see S&L's facebook page to see the photos), and they make them for pocket and mini size as well as personal!!

I love my new dividers!