Sunday, 30 October 2011

The kindness of stationary addicts... Pilot Coleto Hi-Tec-C Lumio pen

Hi everyone!

I LOVE hacks for existing things... ideas for making things work better, be more practical, or just work for me. As you know, I tend to colour-code things in my filofaxes, but with only 1 pen loop in the normal filofax, I find it very difficult to do so on the move, because I don't have access to my pencil-case with all my coloured pens in it, which means I tend to just write things in black, or not write them in at all. So multi-pens are the perfect solution! I have a black-dark blue-red-dark green 4-colour multi-pen, and the fashion colours Bic pen (light pink, lilac, light green and turquoise), but these aren't necessarily the colours I use the most. What I would like to do is be able to customise the pen to hold the colours I need. I know I could do this by replacing the pen refills with a refill with the right ink colour in it, but that means that the colour of the button-thingy you push down to get the pen nib to come out won't match up.

As part of my regular procrastination sessions, I often go on stationary websites to drool over their products. One of the best pen websites is, which has a lot of amazing pens! On there I found a brilliant looking pen, called the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumio 4 Color (colour ;b) Gel Ink Multi Pen (pheww!!), which is a multi-pen that you can refill with individual refills of your own choice! That means you can choose any colour-combination you like, and even have a pencil refill, which is the best of all worlds, I think!
But unfortunately, jet pens don't deliver to the UK!

One day I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Filofax Fixation written by the lovely Terri, and she was blogging about the new pen she had bought, the Coleto! I commented that I would love one of these pens, but that I couldn't buy them anywhere. Then a little while later, I received an email from Terri saying she didn't really like the pen, and I could have it! I was so happy that she thought of me, and asked how much she wanted me to pay for it... and she said "nothing"! How kind! I think the Philofaxy community is so lovely, and every time I read comments on these blogs, I feel as though I am among friends, even though everyone is spread over the globe! I really can't believe someone would do something so nice, thank you so much, Terri!!

It arrived after a while (apparently Canadian post is rubbish!), and I was so excited I could barely contain myself! But I managed to take a picture of the package

The pen body, and the pack of refills, in their little duvets!

The two together

The pen body itself is made of a lovely smooth plastic, but is so sleek it kind of feels like metal. It is very stylish and would look very nice in a professional environment, as well as anywhere else!
It is quite easy to refill, although I had to watch a youtube video to learn how. You just flick up the little hatch at the top of the pen, and you can pull out/push in any refills you want to use. The refill pack that Terri also bought, and sent me with the actual pen, has 10 colours, so there are plenty to choose from and you can have any combination you like! At the moment, I have pink, red, green and purple- a combination you can't get in normal 4-colour pens! So it is very useful for people who use different colour pens at once! Now I can have all of those colours in my filo in just 1 pen body!
The pen itself writes in a VERY thin line, which is very different to what I am used to, but I will get used to it!
I'm thinking about buying a pencil refill for it, which I think would be the perfect solution to all my writing needs in my filofax! But that means I would need to take out one of the refills I already have in it. I think the only problem I have with pen is that you can only have 4 colours in it- I know this is ridiculous, but I would like more! But I'm dreaming... 

Thanks so much again, Terri!!


  1. wow - that's awesome! congrats to you!

    i use 2 of the coleto 5's. the smoke is my main one. it has apple green, black, apricot orange, clear blue and red all in .04mm. the white one (secondary one) has an .05 pencil, pink, violet, blue-black and an eraser. so technically these are all the pens i need. except that i'm in love with the kuratoga pencil (currently use the roulette model) so i have that in my loop. if i put a clip in my book, i can carry both but i don't really bother. i do carry both coleto's with me in my bag, however. the other pen i really love is the uniball jetstream which also comes in a multi-pen format with pencil. it's ballpoint tho as opposed to gel ink. i haven't bought that one yet as i have this one in a nice beautiful orange casing so i like using that one. i do love the inexpensive pen - so easy to drop cash on them!!!

  2. I have a kuru toga pencil too, I love it!! I'm a bit of a pen addict :)

  3. great post, Kate! I was glad to find a new home for the pen - it deserved to be loved! I was goggling around and I think you might be able to also use a larger refill i.e. .5 or .7. I don't know if you could find them in the UK, but it's mechanically possible.