Friday, 14 October 2011

Cuban Zipped personal Filofax :D

I just received my new filofax through the post! I'm really surprised it arrived so soon so am really happy!

On Wednesday, I went onto flikr to see if anything interesting had happened. I saw a picture of a Cuban Zipped on Aspiretobe's photos, and saw some features of this filo that would work out really well for my current life. The last few days, it's been horrible weather, and I've had to keep my daily filo in my backpack around campus to stop it getting rained on. The zipped feature of the Cuban would prevent that issue, as it would protect my papers. I searched the philofaxy flikr pool for more pictures and found many fantastic features of this filo- 2! elasticated! pen loops!, vertical card slots (which I prefer to horizontal), a nice red colour, 30mm rings!!, a secretarial pocket (really handy) which could double as a notepad pocket :-) There are a few features which I might find annoying, such as the fact that it doesn't lay flat out of the box, but Aspiretobe's photo's comment gave me hope that it would eventually lay flat!

So I bought it on Wednesday on ebay (£40) and it was dispatched yesterday. I thought it would take another few days to arrive, and ebay estimated it would arrive 20th-24th October. Well just 30 minutes ago I heard a bang at the door and it arrived!! No, not on it's own with a tiny Filofax-brand suitcase, but wrapped up in packaging in the hands of the postman! I had to contain my excitement to sort out the other letters he gave me, but soon I took it out of the packaging. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of that, I was too excited!

The first thing I noticed was that it had a few dents and scratches :( The front has a mild dent, the back has a few scratches, and the pen loops and the leather near them have dents where the pens' metal thingy that you can hold it to your shirt pocket (I really can't remember the name!!) has scratched. It's not too bad I guess, because it's the only one out of my collection that really has to work for me. It stops me having to be too precious about it like I am with my others. It has to withstand all weathers, being stuffed absolutely full, being shoved in the bottom of my bag. This is a worker-fax. The purpose: help me stay 100% organised TODAY at university. Not forward planning, not even for tomorrow; my DPP diary in my Malden will do that. This is for the organisation of today (which, by the way, is ironic, seeing as how I have barely got out of bed today ;b ).

It came with some really exciting contents, which almost makes up for the scratches. The first thing is a set of Jan-Dec dividers! Very cool! Don't really know whether I'll use them in here or in my personal Malden, though, and there's always the problem that Filofax diaries are IMPOSSIBLE to separate the months!! because they are printed back-to-back *grumble grumble*
Then comes a brown today ruler, I like the brown as it is a softer colour than the black ruler.
Some normal dividers.
LOTS of to-do sheets!
Some blue and lilac notepaper (a few sheets of each), and LOADS of pink paper :D
Lots of address sheets (unfortunately I don't use these...)
Alphabet dividers.
A world map
A card-pocket insert
A clear flyleaf
And a filofax post-it insert!! I've never had one of these before, and it looks unused, so it's very exciting!!

After everything the previous owner left in it, it looks like she must have just given up on filofax, even after buying some extras (the to-dos, pink paper (too many for the normal basic contents), and the post-it insert). How could anyone just give up on their filo like that??? I guess she doesn't care for them as much as us, looking at how she must have treated it, given all the scratches (my filofaxes are my babies, though ;b )

I'm really looking forward to setting it up, especially with those 30mm rings!!!


  1. Pleased you like it, what size? A5 or Personal?

    The leather will recover with a bit of TLC to restore the colour in the dents and also it won't harm to give it some nourishment which will help with the waterproofing.

  2. Oh sorry I didn't say in the post, I'll update it! It's personal sized, although the actual binder itself is the size of an A5 piece of paper!

    The colour hasn't come out of the dents, it's just dents themselves. I'll show you at the meet-up!

  3. OOOHHH, congratulations! I love the red, that gorgeous lipstick red! & 30 mm rings to boot on a personal!

    And really, to me, the slight dings & dents don't matter in the long run, they are like character lines on a well-lived life....

    I'm off to your next post, I think you detail how you are using this beauty!

  4. give up her filofax?! does not compute!! I spent the evening sorting through my Filofax box o' goodies and culling my Malden contents, reorganizing a bit. I can't imagine getting rid of any of them! LOL!

  5. I have a personal Cuban Zipped in Saddle Brown in storage, cos I hated that it did not lay flat right away. I'm in love with my Malden right now, and I'm a 1 Filo girl..
    Your post made me miss that lovely soft leather from the Cuban!

  6. I've been considering a Cuban Zip since RoryRants pointed me in that direction via Twitter. I also think that blemishes on a filofax add to the character and appeal of the binder. A perfectly new one looks quite impersonal to me. I really love the antique ones I see on ebay! Was checking out a butterscotch colored pig skin model from the 1980's just yesterday. Gorgeous! I keep adding to the contents of my personal, and am thinking the larger capacity plus the ability to zip closed would be ideal, but I worry that the need to zip and unzip a million times a day will become tiring. And that it might just be too big to cart around everywhere. We'll see.

  7. I've recently bought a Scanda Personal but after reading all these posts about the Cuban, I am really considering getting one NOW and leaving it in storage until 2013 ( just open the box from time to time and look at it until then)