Friday, 31 August 2012

September 365/30 Lists!!

Hi everybody!

Well, it's the last day on August already! So tomorrow we are starting our new lists club! Here are the list topics:

  1. Goals for this month
  2. My friends/family would describe me as….
  3. Where in the world do I want to visit?
  4. Reasons to start ______
  5. Reasons to quit ___________
  6. My favorite stationery items
  7. Midnight snacks
  8. Filofaxes I crave
  9. I am at my best when
  10. Philofaxers I have met
  11. Places I’d like to live
  12. My proudest moments of me and my loved ones
  13. What am I wearing today?
  14. If I won the lottery I would...
  15. Places I have visited?
  16. Imaginary Dinner Party Invites?
  17. Favorite Names?
  18. Favourite scents and smells?
  19. Perfect Filofax?
  20. Lists to make?
  21. Things to buy at the Philofaxy Meet up / list of stationery you need for your Filofax)
  22. Bucket List
  23. Things I’d like to learn
  24. Jobs I have had
  25. Music I have bought
  26. Ideal inserts you wish were made?
  27. Diary formats tried? Formats to try?
  28. What I ate today?
  29. Events I would like to attend?
  30. Review of the month

Remember you can do these any way you like! I know some people are doing them as posts on their blogs, or limiting it to just a few words, are doing it on their diary pages or in a separate section of your filofax... you can do it any way you want!!

If you are on facebook, why not join our group for this:



  1. I love that you and Imy are doing this; I really don't like keeping a journal but these could be a nice alternative.

    1. Thanks! I can't seem to keep a diary, but this is a great idea because lists are easy and fun to do!

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